"Pope Joan" by Donna Woolfolk Cross

I own a copy of Donna Woolfolk Cross’s novel Pope Joan. I’ve read some of it so far. I don’t believe there was a Pope Joan in real life. Should I get rid of the book? I bought it mainly because I had some in-store credit to use up at a bookstore, and I could only use it on used books. I can’t say that I’m not afraid of being seen in public reading the book.

There have been many false popes, sometimes three at a time. Pope Joan appears to have been a work of fiction, however.

Centuries ago, there wasn’t the press to watch everybody and people could pull of some outrageous scams. Also, in those days the Pope had vast political and sometimes even militart power. So if you couldn’t get control of a country, an alternative way to try to get power was to get a bunch of local cardinals to elect you pope when the legitimate Pope had died. Who knows. It might work. :smiley:
This wouldn’t work today. Too much public information out there. No writer worth his salt would write a Pope Joan story today.
I don’t see why you would want to read this book. The movie, or course, will fool some people.

Any Catholic male can be elected Pope, not just a priest or bishop.

Read Pope Fiction by Patrick Madrid. Pope Joan is entirely fictitious.

unfortunately you squandered your credits

If you’re strong in your faith, I’d keep it. Read it. Know the baloney story so you can talk intelligently about it. Educate yourself on the topic.

Go ahead and read it - you know Pope Joan is fiction – so how will this hurt your faith?

Historical fiction is a fun genre.

There are plenty of real pontiffs to avoid reading about – so a fictional one isn’t going to hurt. :smiley:

Get rid of it. I think that wasting time on lies and falsities is also a waste of intelligence. Do not poison your mind with such garbage. It is garbage because it is not presented as simple fiction work and it is not the expression of a faith that while wrong might still be genuine.

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