Pope Joan??


My parents who are not practicing Catholics told me they saw something on Fox about Pope Joan, who was Pope then found to be pregnant, stoned to death then called St.
Now, I have heard something of Pope Joan, obviously this can’t be true, is some type of misconception or urban legend or something. If any of you know, please share. I want to give the correct information to my parents so they are not mislead, nor mislead any others.



It’s just a myth. See the second question, here:


and also this:




**Q: *Recently my sister, who is a Catholic nun, told me that one of the popes was a woman. She also said St. Brigid was a bishop! I have never heard this before and I feel so distressed. I would appreciate any information which you could share with me. ***

A: Your sister is wrong on both counts. First, there never was a woman pope. The old story of Pope Joan is sometimes used to suggest otherwise, but this legend has been thoroughly discredited. The appendix to* The Oxford Dictionary of the Popes* (written by a Protestant, J. N. D. Kelly) says the legend of a woman pope “scarcely needs painstaking refutation today, for not only is there no contemporary evidence for a female pope at any of the dates suggested for her reign, but the known facts of the respective periods makes it impossible to fit one in.”

Second, St. Brigid was never a bishop, although she did start, along with the hermit Conleth, the religious community of Kildare in fifth-century Ireland. Conleth was a bishop and was the abbot for a house of men. Brigid was the abbess of a nearby convent, but was never a bishop.

**This is from the CA library. There are 2 other articles that refer to this.

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It IS an urban ledgend. NO woman could EVER be Pope…EVER. JUST because some may CLAIM that she was (even if SHE claimed that she was), that doesn’t make it true. The Catholic Chruch never recognized her, she was never Pope.


Check out a list of Popes, she’s not there.


Omigosh! Is this old chestnut still doing the rounds?? Yes, it is an urban legend. Somebody made a movie out of it about a million years ago…At the time, everybody I knew were all laughing over it.


There’s also a book “Pope Joan”, which is fiction, but like “DaVinci Code”, people sometimes take it for fact.


Yes. Its an old urban legend with no historical basis whatsoever. You should try asking anyone who seriously believes in this hoax for documentation and I seriously doubt it if they can provide any.

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COME ON!!! pope Joan??? if anyone belives EVERYTHING THE MOVIES TOLD US… then:

1.- Acording to the movie, VAMPIRES, the first vampire was created by the catholic church.

2.- in the movie SPAWN, a demon said: “why God has all the good folowers and we get all the retards” (this one i belive)

3.-in the movie DOGMA , well there is a hole collection of idiotic things about the catholic church.

Dont belive everything a movie shows


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