Pope John Paul I


i ran into a lady who calls herself catholic and said that she had documents proving that Pope John Paul I was for contraception and that is why he was killed. does any one have anything he actually said or wrote that would support that claim (that he was for contraception)?. I could only find that he had met with the overpopulation center of the UN. thank you


I’ve heard this theory about John Paul I, too. I’m not sure where it came from. If you watch Godfather III, you’ll see another common conspiracy theory about John Paul I as well, relating to the Mafia and the Vatican Bank.

My personal favourite papal consipracy theory is the one that insists that Paul VI was really a “double,” and the real Pope was kept drugged and imprisioned somewhere :dts: (“backed up” by side-by-side photos, the Cardinal Mindzsenty incident, etc.). Though, despite what Paul VI (whichever one :rolleyes: ) did following Vatican II, even he continued to pronounce the traditional Church teaching regarding contraception.

The fact is - JPI was a middle-aged to older man in poor health with a bad heart. Period. End of story.


By whom, and for what purpose?

I daresay, it he had had such an inclination, 90+% of Catholicism, laity, clergy and hierarchy, would have jumped for joy!


There have been “conspiracy” books written to suggest that Pope John Paul I was a closet liberal and was murdered (by various and sundry persons, depending on which conspiracy you read: communists, “P2”, Masons, Vatican Bank officials, even Cardinal Cody!)

I may be mistaken, but I don’t believe that any major scholars take any of it seriously at this point. The cause for his canonization has been opened, and if there are any “dark secrets” I suspect that they’ll come out then!

I agree with the previous poster. He was an elderly gentleman with a serious heart condition – and it quite possible that even he didn’t realize just how sick he was.


I see there’s even a whole Wikipedia entry on John Paul I consipiracy theories:



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