Pope John Paul I

Does anyone here know the stances of Pope John Paul I on various things like: Abortion, contraception, etc? I read on Wikipedia (because that’s the best source of information :wink: ) that he was rather soft…but Wikipedia is wrong 75% of the time on matters I’d the Church anyhow, so does anyone know any pod books or sites worthy of my attention? :rolleyes:
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Hard to say. All we really seem to know is that by taking on the names of the previous two popes, he wanted to continue their work. Being Pope for only a few days doesn’t really give you too much time to accomplish much.

Thank you, ProVobis! That reminds me… Any information from when he was Cardinal and Bishop is helpful too :slight_smile:

Try this link, it’s a great site about him albino-luciani.com/index.php?id=29&L=3

I hope that helps.

Awesome link, Walter Casler,

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You’re welcome, I hope you find what you’re looking for. You could also check EWTN’s website www.ewtn.com/vlibrary/search.asp.

My speculation is that the Holy Spirit prevented him from fighting Pope Paul VI’s declaration on the sanctity of human life by allowing his death.

But on the whole, speculation like that unfairly impugns the man’s character when I don’t see any evidence to suggest that except the Wikipedia article I read on him.

We can’t believe everything on the internet.

What a coincidence! I was wondering if that was the reason for his death as well! Or, that he was going to declare/teach a heretical teaching. God Bless

I can remember a few years back when Wikipedia was not even allowed as a source for research papers or anything because many of my teachers found things inaccurate. I would say that if wanted to know more about Pope John Paul I, maybe someone needs to research who he was as a Cardinal. (I do not even know what his name was prior to being Pope John Paul I).

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For this to be true, for the Holy Spirit to “allow” for his death is then to discount the Holy Spirit actually choosing the Pope through the conclave.

I would have to say that both of these are contrary to Catholic Teaching.

That has certainly not changed.

It is not true to say that the Holy Spirit decrees which popes are to be chosen and He has his ‘pick’. He can permit terrible decisions by the cardinals for the sake of a greater good, however unknown to man it may be.

If not, why does God create a man that he knows He will condemn to hell?

I have done much reading on Pope John Paul I and as far as his stance on Abortion he was against it. Contraception was different. Pope Paul VI put a commission on birth control and Cardinal Luciani had written to Paul VI about making it ok to use birth control. The council that Pope Paul VI had also agreed to allow birth control. But the Roman Curia didn’t. (It is a long story, that is the Reader’s digest version) Pope John Paul I was probably going to change contraception rule. But he died before changing it. His life and teachings was a very good read. (The Smiling Pope) Truly a holy man and should be a saint. He did many great things as a Priest, Bishop and Cardinal. He was a champion of the poor, and Fatima. He started the worship of Mary that Pope John Paul II continued. There are many books that are out there that seem to think he was murdered.

I just wanted to point out that you shouldn’t say that Pope John Paul I, or Pope John Paul II, or any Catholic for that matter worships Mary. That is incorrect. Anyone who does actually worship the Blessed Mother is committing a sin. Worship is something due to God alone. What I’m hoping you meant to say is that Pope John Paul I and II both venerated Mary. Which is perfectly acceptable and in fact the Church teaches that the Blessed Virgin Mary deserves a special kind of veneration above all of the saints and angels, which has a specific name (though I can’t recall it off the top of my head just now).

Anyway, I’d also like to point out that Pope John Paul I did not “start” veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a tradition that goes back to the beginning of the Church. Some Protestants like to incorrectly claim that veneration of Mary began in the Middle Ages, but this is false.

No good Catholic worships Mary, nor have any of our Popes have preached this. Be careful on the wordings you use. We venerate her as the Mother of God and Queen of Heaven, but we do not worship her. Only God is woshiped.

Complete nonsense, one of the many stories that begin with “John Paul I was going to do ___________, but he died first.” I have heard these from the right, the left and everything in between. The direct inverse of the nonsense claimed above (by this ignorant person who claims that JP2 worshipped Our Lady) is the one that said that JP1 was going to bring back the old Latin Mass, but died first.

I think there is such a fine line between this “veneration” and “worship” that some people, even devout Catholics have such a hard time distinguishing between. I asked someone awhile back to tell me the difference, and she had no idea, but insisted there was a difference, yet she was completely unable to tell me what exactly was so different.

Some Churches have the life-sized statues inside, one Church I went to, there was veneration there, 3 statues of saints at either sides of the Church, and 1 big statue of Jesus in the middle. What do most people do? Pray at each statue at the sides, and calmly walk past the big one in the middle and proceed to the other side :rolleyes:

I’ve always found this amusing, most people aren’t able to tell the difference been veneration and worship, and the people that can, just parrot out some line from formal teaching which in itself is a bit suspect anyways.

I don’t think JPI was going to reverse any such teaching, judging by the videos I have seen of him on Youtube of his talks, he seemed in-line with his predecessors.

The Holy Spirit caused his death bla bla, honestly…:rolleyes:

[quote=ByzCath;]For this to be true, for the Holy Spirit to “allow” for his death is then to discount the Holy Spirit actually choosing the Pope through the conclave.

I would have to say that both of these are contrary to Catholic Teaching.

That’s very true, than you for correcting me, Brother. Though likesomeone else said, it could be true that He let it happen for a greater good. I am inclined to think that all this nonsense about Pope John Paul I going to reverse, bring back this, change this, and so on, is not true.

There is NO worship of Mary in the Catholic Church.
There has never been and there will never be worship of Mary.

If you are actually Catholic (not a troll), then you are VERY confused.

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