Pope John Paul II and that book

Somehow, I didn’t hear about this until recently, and I’m still not sure:
Did Pope John Paul II really kiss the qoran? if so, what in the world was he thinking?

Not sure if he did or not, but why do you call it “that book” like it’s something awful?

Because “that book” IS awful. And it is utterly inexcusable for the Holy Father to have done that.

Am I still on a catholic Forum??! The catholic church teaches that there is nothing evil or sinful about the muslim faith. They worship the same God as we do. No, they don’t believe that Jesus is the son of God, but the believe him to be a great prophet.
Yes, you have fanatical Islams that hate non muslims and are very dangerous, but the same goes for fanatical christians. They can be just as dangerous.
Seriously people, know your faith.

We all worship the same God, even if the Muslims have some, um, interesting ideas about Him. The Pope is a public figure for Catholics, and it might calm some Muslims to know that Catholics do not hate them or think they are evil, and that they can respect another faith while at the same time disagreeing with it.

Well said. Although looking at this thread it seems some Catholics still think we’re supposed to hate muslims.

No. The Pope set a bad example, because by showing such deference to another religion’s holy book, he becomes a visible contradiction. (You think any of the imams would ever show such respect to a Bible? Heck no!) The Roman Catholic Faith is the ONLY true religion, even over Judaism. Yeah, there may be elements of truth to be found in every religion, but NEVER place any of them on par with Roman Catholicism, even for good-natured reasons such as ‘brotherhood’ or ‘solidarity as human beings’ or other claptrap. That smacks of Modernism, which was condemned by Popes in the past.

For the record, I don’t hate Muslims or anyone besides the devil and his minions. I pray for all to come to Christ. But I just really don’t like seeing the faith watered down like this. We have the true faith, so we should be (reasonably) assertive with it.

What so you don’t recognise the sui juris Churches then as you are confining your claim to only Roman Catholicism? You don’t recognise other Churches such as the Assyrian Church of the East, EO, Coptic Orthodox etc. as fellow Christians?

Aside from the whole “Judge not, that you not be judged” thing… who exactly are YOU to say whether or not the Pope set a “bad example”?

As far as I’m concerned if he did that (I don’t believe anyone has stated for sure one way or the other) he simply showed the acceptance and love that God would want him to show as it is the same that He shows.

@ post 8: To clarify, I DO recognise the other branches of Christianity as part of the true Faith. I apologise that I had worded my response in the way that I had. I INTENDED to write “Christianity is the only true faith”, but as I am usually thinking of the Roman Catholic Church, that is what was typed out instead.

@ post 9: And who are YOU to leap down my throat at this? As a practising Roman Catholic, I may point out my reservations when I see that a pope is publicly displaying (or has publicly displayed) a questionable action that compromises his visibility as head of the Roman Catholic Church. As far expressing love and acceptance to others, the Pope could have done as much in a less-scandalising manner.

Yes you may, however that’s not what you did. You stated it as a matter of fact. Stating that you have reservations about the Pope’s actions and saying “The Pope set a bad example” is NOT anywhere near the same thing. Whether or not it sets a bad example is not for you to say, that is God’s place. Nobody can say that about anybody but especially about the Pope as he is the one human being who can claim infallibility.

So who I am is someone who doesn’t want to see the faith that I’m learning about and loving represented by someone who seems to want to pass judgment that is reserved for God alone. I didn’t jump down your throat, I asked an honest question… let me rephrase it… on what authority do you think you can question the Pope’s actions?

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