Pope John Paul II comic book

Thought some of you would be interested in this life of Pope John Paul II comic book published in 2007, that I came across.

Here’s the website. And I still have one from Marvel Comics on JP2 from the 90s I need to read!

Nice! :thumbsup:

Hi MP.
I too stumbled upon a Marvel Comics database.
They brought out a comic on the great man’s life in January 1983.

God Bless,

I like the Valentine’s border on that website (which I use quite a bit) but one of the characters is cheating :slight_smile: The red head on the right at the top and bottom is the same character. I see she indulging the notorious love triangle this character has had going with these two guys for many years in Marvel comics.

Btw anyone who would like to read most of the Marvel comic about the Pope can do at this site:-


I actually have the Marvel book, i have to find time to read it.

Hi Jharek.
I went into that website and found the accompanying blogger’s text to the early JP2 comic both offensive and immature.
I have to ask: why would a self-proclaimed “dork” frame a comic book on the late Pope and then proceed to cynically thrash it? Very strange.
So, therefore, one should not read about the comic at that site. It’s an ego-driven piece of drivel by a nerd.
God Bless,

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