Pope John Paul II relic reportedly snatched from priest on train [Fox News]

Pope John Paul II relic reportedly snatched from priest on train

ROME – A trio of thieves aboard a train stole a priest’s backpack containing a vial of the late Pope John Paul II’s blood on Tuesday, but police recovered the relic a few hours later, authorities said.

The relic was found in a stand of reeds and grass near the railway station in the seaside town of Marina di Cerveteri, where the thieves had gotten off the train, said state railways police official Domenico Ponziani.

Police said the priest began his journey aboard the train in Rome and was heading to a sanctuary north of the capital where the relic was supposed to be put on display for admirers of the Polish pontiff, who died in 2005.,

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I’m so thankful that they found it. I wonder if they knew what it was and was coming back later for it or they just thought it was a religious item they didn’t want.

That is so horrible…but I am overjoyed it was so easily recovered!! :highprayer:

On an unrelated note, The_Scott, what is that icon in your signature? I’ve never seen it before.

Hi Buster, :wave:

The painting was by Fra Angelico, and is a panel from the Fiesole San Domenico Altarpiece. You can see the altarpiece (in sections) here: nationalgallery.org.uk/paintings/fra-angelico-the-dominican-blessed/26729 . The other panels are in links towards the bottom of the page.

This particular panel shows some of the the blessed men and women of the Dominican Order.

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