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Hey guys, I was just wondering what you all thought of Pope John Paul II. It seems like many of the Catholic people my age (early 20’s) seem to think he was the greatest thing ever. Especially those who belonged to Eastern Catholic Rites. I personally belong to the Latin Rite, but it just seems like there were too many things in JP II’s rule that he did that seemed questionable to me. I particularly wasn’t a fan at all when he apologized for the Church during WWII.

Anyways just wondering what you guys think and if I’m the only one who seems to not think he is a for sure candidate for canonization.

Thanks! :confused:


St. Pope John Paul II the Great (my opinion).


Is being great the same as being perfect?




I pray for his intercession every day.
Our parish will show a movie this Saturday about him.


I love Pope John Paul II. I remember his visit in NYC. When we cried out. “John Paul Two, we love you.” He responded. “and I love you too.”


That’s so awesome! I remember when I was in ninth grade 3 years ago, I was sick at school so I came home early. My mom put the TV in my room (something she rarely ever did). It just so happened, that that was the day Pope Benedict XVI was elected as I was watching Fox News.

I was pretty anti-Catholic, due to living in the “bible belt.” Anyway, I have no doubt in my mind, that Pope John Paul the second was praying for me as I watched that. Seeing Pope Benedict XVI elected impacted me in so many ways.

I hope to see him canonized soon. It’s not a matter of “if,” but “when.” After he’s canonized, I plan on painting an icon of him. :smiley:

Pace e Bene


Well, I certainly did not agree with everything he did but Saints are not perfect. When you read some of the biographies and get past hype you see Saints who were testy and so on but in the end they were great witnesses for God. There was a terrific story I saw on EWTN about a priest (whose name I cannot remember). He lived in New Orleans (Civil War??) I think and many healings were performed through him and his holiness was remarkable and noted by those encountering him.

In any case JP II was remarkable! He elevated the stature of the Roman Catholic faith around the world. A powerful witness for orthodox Catholic belief. He gave off an aura of holiness and ignited Catholic youth. Thanks to him we are having a revitalized Church of youth who believe in the historic Catholic faith and are replacing the liberal generation of the 60’s and 70’s who helped dilute that faith. In short God has worked powerfully through JPII and is restoring His church.


Maybe in fifty years’ time it will be possible to see him & his pontificate & acts more clearly & fairly. As yet, it’s far too early.

What I think is a very bad idea is any hurrying-up of the process for canonising him - the older discipline, which required fifty years to elapse before anything was done, seems far wiser. As the saying almost goes, “Canonise in haste, & repent at leisure.” :stuck_out_tongue:


I LOVE HIM :heart: and always will. I had a rather extroadinary meeting with him long ago. I become teary eyed everytime I think about him. Words can’t begin to express my heartfelt love and devotion to dear Pope John Paul II. :heart:



To me he is another great example of a human being responding to God’s superabundant grace and then becoming a conduit of that grace to other sinners like me.


Loved him. I believe he may have interceded for me on a serious matter, too.

Neat story:

Years ago, when I spent a semester in Rome, we attended a Papal audience. As JPII walked down the aisle, a friend of mine snapped a picture of him, not 20 feet away.

Later on, when the picture was developed, it turns out that someone on the other side of the aisle had also snapped a picture at that moment. The result was a bright flash of light surrounding the Pope’s head in my friend’s photo.

It was quite a neat picture!



My opinion is that he will go down as John Paul the Great. That will be what I will always call him. I want to see him a saint soon, but either way will not diminish him in my eyes.




I wasn’t aware he apologized for WW II. When did he do this?


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