Pope John XXIII help!


i have been wanting to find out more information about Pope John XXIII. I especially want to know what was it that motivated him to become a pope, or even religious.

if anyone could tell me some sacred texts, ethical teachings, or beliefs about this, i would be greatful (i want to read what he read)



papalencyclicals.net/John23/index.htm has some of his writings as Pope :wink:

youtube.com/watch?v=NNs-Z1Qrzkc and youtube.com/watch?v=kakdCdZBXwg is a documentary in Italian with English subtitles, that was made about Pope John XXIII.


thanks for quick reply, but i was actually wanting some of the writings (gospels, sacred writings, or ethical teachings) that inspired him before he became the pope. :wink:


The best reference I can give you is the book “Journal of a Soul” Published shortly after his death in 1963, Journal of A Soul contains the personal journals of Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli from his early years in the seminary at Bergamo, through his service as a papal diplomat and then Cardinal Patriarch of Venice, and finally to his papacy as Pope John XXIII. Through these intimate personal diaries, readers may glimpse the interior life of Blessed John XXIII, his deep love of Christ and the Church, his hidden ascetical life, his abundant humility and wisdom, and his profound devotion to the Blessed Mother. This inspiring volume, which also includes selections from the pope’s prayers, correspondence, and personal writings, offers an unparalleled look at the man who, in the words of Pope John Paul II, “impressed the world with the friendliness of his manner which radiated the remarkable goodness of his soul.”

again, thankyou

however i would appreciate if someone could actually tell me some of the EXACT texts/sacred writings, or ethical teachings that inspired Pope John XXIII


Here’s the link to the Bl. John XXIII page on the Vatican’s official website. It has a short biography.

Nothing earthly ‘motivated’ Angelo Roncalli to become Pope.
The Holy Spirit chose him as Successor of Peter.

No man enters the Priesthood with the motivation of becoming Pope!!

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