Pope John XXIII Rosicrucian Masonic Sect????


Was pope John XXIII a Mason??? I cant believe that somebody please give me a answer to this
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There is no evidence that supports this claim. Anyhow even if he was a Freemason, it would not affect the validity of his papal election.


Why would you think that? If someone has suggested that it is up to them to provide evidence to support such a claim and not up to us to refute a vague accusation.


I would not want you to refute but I found out this on one of those schismatic “catholic” churches and I looked for a hour for the Roman Catholic response to this but I found nothing. I am a loyal son of the church and I believe fully and with all my heart in the papacy. I just to know what to say if anybody brings this up on my route to the Roman (emphasis on Roman) Catholic Priesthood
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You won’t find it because just like a great many anti-Catholic claims it is fictitious and there is no real evidence.

You’ll always find that with lies like this there is never a citation of source that you can check to verify.


Thank you for your quick reply, The Holy Spirit always makes the truth apparent
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Can some one be a Catholic and follow the teaching of the AMORC without and problem?


What is AMORC?


The Rosicrucians (Ancient Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis (AMORC)) according to Wikipedia


No. This helps explain why:


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Originally Posted by Charlesnjiefon
Can some one be a Catholic and follow the teaching of the AMORC without and problem?

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC (which is not a subdivision of Freemasonry) consists of men and women from every walk of life, and of many religious persuasions. AMORC embraces the diversity of religion in much the way Pope John XXIII did, and encourages its members to actively participate in the church of their choosing. Please remember that AMORC itself is not a religion, but a school of mysticism and philosophy.

Being a member of AMORC does not preclude one from being a Roman Catholic, but I cannot answer as to whether the church feels that being a Roman Catholic would preclude being a member of AMORC. I can say with certainty, however, that many devoted Catholics are also Rosicrucians, whether or not the church is aware of this fact.


I don’t know how true this or credibility of the sight but here is a link to a article that says he was read it and form your own thought. Below is the link to the article



I did find a couple of other links that implicate Pope JohnXXIII with Masonry. I do not know much of the sights that produce them so I will let them speak for them self and form your own opinions.




Unfortunately, I cannot find a link online to this article, but I read a Brazilian newspaper article once about John XXIII that stated explicitly that he was a Rosicrucian student.


Anybody can state anything.Where's the proof?


I don’t know. The opusdeialert.com/roncaliamason.htm ling got its info at Italian journal, Burghese. Where this journal got its info I can’t find at this time but the Vatican never responded to the accusations that the journal Burghese put out.

As for the mostholyfamilymonastery.com/13_JohnXXIII.pdf link. I can not find a source for where they got their info. As far as I know both are fairly reliable sights. :shrug:


mostholyfamilymonastery are schismatics.The other source is from a site called"opus dei alert"need i say more? and they are sedevacantist wackos.


I can recommend this new book, The True History of Catholics and Masons subtitled The Mason who became Pope, by Joe Riley: kalahari.net/books/The-True-History-of-Catholics-and-Masons/795/35397352.aspx


I saw a photograph in one of his biographys (I can’t recall the title) that had his membership card as a Mason.

If he were a duely elected Pope, then why did Vatican Radio report papal smoke 2 days prior to announceing John XXIII as Pope?

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