Pope JPII Christmas presents


I received 2 very special Christmas presents. A JPII wall calendar and a desk top calendar with a new quote from JPII for everyday. I still to this day get tears in my eyes when I see pictures of that very special man:crying: . God gave us a great gift in him. Did anyone else get a Christmas present that had a JPII theme?


My sister sent a Pope John Paul II wall calander. I also cried when I looked at the photographs. While looking for stocking stuffers for my kids (we always put some small stuffed animal or doll in the top to peek out) I was looking through a bin of Beanie Babies and found a bright white teddy bear with a gold bow around it’s neck and a golden dove with an olive branch embroidered on its chest. I was amazed to see that it’s name is “Holy Father” and was a special comemorative Beanie to honor his life. My husband put it in my stocking this year.


I have seen that beanie baby as well. It is beautiful! Just proves how many lives he touched (Catholic or not).


My parents gave us a CD of John Paul the Great praying the Rosary in Latin :love:


I didn’t recieve a JP2 gift but my boyfriend and I gave his mother a tribute book with some of the best photographs taken depicting his life.



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