Pope lashes out at corrupt' global system, intolerance of foreigners [CC]

Pope Francis said that “no people is criminal and no religion is terrorist,” in a message to a California conference of popular movements.


Well said by the Holy Father. May the Holy Spirit give us the grace to live out his message through our good works.

Maybe I’ll take the Pope more seriously when the Vatican houses a few thousand Muslim immigrants and he is forced to raise the crescent moon on the dome of St. Peter.

God forbid and perish the thought. :wink:

Human beings are a tribal creature ,always have been,
humanity is struggling with integration ,
And has done for a long time,
In time, it will change , like colliding galaxies that in time become One


You need to pay more attention, they’ve had a few muslims take refuge at the Vatican. The Holy Father asked for volunteer families from parishes throughout Europe to host refugee families and received thousands of offers, over 20,000 refugees of which at least half of them are muslim have been taken in by generous and charitable Catholic families. It’s a great thing isn’t it? :smiley:

The Muslim refugees taken back from Greece never made it to the Vatican, they were dropped off in Rome.

Plus, I said thousands. Only that level would duplicate what the people of Italy have been coping with in the last few years.

Why thousands? You need to look at the respective populations. Italy, a country of 60 million has taken 600,000 migrants over 8 years or 1% of its population. For the Vatican to do the same it needs to take 8, and they have taken 30. Show some respect for the views of the Holy Father.

Colliding galaxies is a very violent and spectacular event. I’m not sure it’s the metaphor you were looking for.

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