Pope launches into spontaneous Q&A with students (prepared text was "a little boring")

From Vatican Radio:
In a style that seems to have almost become signature of the current pontificate, Pope Francis stepped out of yet another scripted session to engage in a spontaneous question-and-answer period with hundreds of children and teens.

The papal audience in the Paul VI Hall with students, teachers and staff of Jesuit grade schools and high schools on Friday became a friendly dialogue between the 76-year-old pontiff and the young people.

The students, who had come from six Italian cities and one school in Albania, were passing the time singing a Christian rap song, when the Pope entered the hall unannounced. At his sighting, they immediately erupted into cheers and applause.

In response, it seems, Pope Francis decided to put his five-page written message aside.

“I prepared a text, but it’s five pages! A little boring,” he said to the young people, who responded with laughter.

I like that. A prepared text would be boring for schoolkids. See here to read the “boring” text for yourself.

I am really getting to like this pope.

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I’m starting to warm up to him too. I wish he would’ve visited my school! The speech he prepared was great, especially on what it means to be magnanimous (seldom do I hear that word), and what freedom and service are. I bet the University of Notre Dame could stand to hear some words from Pope Francis.

You know what, I’ll say a prayer for him. I got thrown off by some of the weird things he did early on, but he really is a Jesuit with a Franciscan attitude.

Thank you for posting this!

I think you meant to post in another thread in the sidebar, the one about getting a ride to pay the electric bill.


That text really is boring. I suspect an aide in the Secretariat wrote it for him to deliver it… someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience with children. It is great that the Pope is so good at reading an audience and can adapt accordingly. I also liked the little dialogue sermon with the First Communion kids at St. Elizabeth’s.

I would love to be in attendance for a spontaneous Q and A with the Pope; however, I’d have to think what I’d like to ask most importantly.

Its unfortunate the mainstream media has once again misquoted some of the words the Pope used in this meeting with the kids to give a false impression of what he realy was saying.
google “Pope Francis” and you guys will see the headlines all have just one theme on the pope tday.

What weird things did he do?i guess you were just being impatient with your “new” pope since he didn’t turn out to be what you expected.
Anyway…that doesn’t matter anymore.I’m glad you’re warming up to him.

Yeah… I don’t see how that headline is bad or misleading. Most people like reluctant leaders.

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