Pope launches Year of Faith, to combat 'spiritual desertification' [CWN]

Formally opening the Year of Faith on October 11, with a Mass in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI proclaimed that the goal of the special observance is "to revive in the whole Church …


I posted a question about the Pope’s talk in the Apologetics forum, but so far no one has been able to answer. I’m hoping you will be able to help.

In his opening statement, ( en.radiovaticana.va/articolo.asp?c=628863 ) Pope Benedict XVI referred to the “seven final Messages of the Council”. What is he referring to - what are the seven final Messages of the Council?

Here is the opening paragraph where it appears:
“…this celebration has been enriched by several special signs: the opening procession, intended to recall the memorable one of the Council Fathers when they entered this Basilica; the enthronement of a copy of the Book of the Gospels used at the Council; the consignment of the seven final Messages of the Council, and of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I will do before the final blessing….”

Thank-you Pope Benedict XVI for the Year of Faith and the New Evangelization! Finally, after all these years the weeds will be pulled out.

The messages are from Pope Paul VI at the close of the Vatican Council II to the following:

political leaders;

scientists and cultural figures;




the poor, sick and suffering;

young people.

You can read the texts of the specific messages here.

Sarah x :slight_smile:

Thanks Sarah.
Had just finished reading R_C’s answer in the Apologetics forum ( forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=719152 ) and was going to post the info here. But that won’t be necessary now.
Thanks again.

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