Pope Leo XVIII, Stone's Folly & the New Pentecost


For anyone wondering about the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and where it came from. :smiley: Pope Leo XVIII direction, guidance, and what came about because of it.



I appreciate seeing this article, P.R., but also I was blessed to see the words to the hymn Veni Creator Spiritus. In St. Teresa of Avila’s autobiography, she described having received her first transport/ecstacy after a novena to the Holy Spirit in which she was advised by her spiritual director to recite this hymn to learn what God would have her do with respect to certain friendships that she felt were not really offending God.

In the mystical experience, she heard the words from the Lord, “I would have thee speak only with angels.”

The hymn dates back at least that far, but I was never able to see the words.

Thanks! Great article!


I just had an incredible thought as I laid in bed thinking about St. Teresa, the hymn, and her ‘transport’ as she called it.

Isn’t it likely that without knowing what name to give it, she experienced what is called in our day the “baptism of the Holy Spirit?”


I think she was. St. Therese of Avila used to call it “Flying in the Spirit” it occurs in todays prayer meetings or healing services and is a gift that is called “Resting in the Spirit” or “Slaying in the Spirit.”

I know I have read it in other places, but I have found reference to her on this site…

I had also asked many what did they feel while Resting in the Spirit, and often they tell me what St. Therese describes in her Life, when they had never read anything of St. Therese: They tell me they were like in a paradise, flying in he air, full of joy and peace, living like a thousand years in a minute, conscious in their mind, but always a glorious unforgettable experience…

I don’t know who this is and have no idea of why this says cults - maybe he deals with that from other places somewhere, but it is all good Catholic stuff.

His home page - **J. Dominguez, M.D. **

I think most mature charismatics become contemplative and are drawn ver close to her if they aren’t already, so it would make sence that she was.


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