Pope Lifts Excommunications of SSPX Bishops

If accurate, this is good news for all Traditonalist Catholics, for all conservative Catholics, and for all Catholics who love both the Latin Mass and unity in Holy Mother Church…





I think its another political blunder by Pope Benedict XVI.

You see, he’s more liberal in his thinking than Pope John Paul II, who excommunicated them in the first place.

Does anyone believe that the leaders of the SSPX will return to the Church peacefully and without stirring up more conflicts ?


JPII did not excommunicate them, they excommunicated themselves by their schismatic act(NB: I do not hold them to be in Schism, but this is how Ecclesia Dei has described the act).

However, if Pope Benedict has decided to lift the excommunications, it has not been without careful consideration. This has been a main goal(as it should be, with a group that claims over a million lay supporters). The SSPX has been saying this has been coming since back in November, when they started a Rosary Crusade for the intention(said to have totaled ~1,703,000 rosaries), and there have been several previous efforts to do the same thing.

To be honest, I may not fully embrace the SSPX the second they come back, but I will be glad to know they are back, so that they may once again be in full communion, and offer licit Masses, as well as valid marriages and confessions. They have a great zeal and a great passion. I do not agree with all they stand for, but then again, I find that with every Order I have looked at, which is why I discerned not to join each of them.

What about the concerns regarding Bishop Richard Williamson? He apparently has denied the Holocaust and said the gas chambers were a “myth”.

This is very VERY disconcerting to me.



As with so many media reports about our Holy Father and the Vatican Curia, I’ll believe it when he does it.

THese so called reporters usually have there head so far up there… ahem, that when they fart they believe there colon is actually a source of information.

Regardless, whatever our beloeved poe Benedict does will be the best thing for our Church…


yes, I am very afraid this may throw a wrinkle into the whole thing. I think we must all continue to pray for this happening though, as it would be a momentous occasion(in the Octave of Unity no less). And also pray for the Bishop, that he may see his errors.

I sincerely hope that this is handled as best as possible by the SSPX themselves, which would make the unification much easier, rather than stopping the process, or leaving it to rome

Oh praise God!

You know I don’t know much about the Church or History since I am a new convert and was not raised Catholic but it seems to me like both sides have been wrong.

The SSPX were wrong to disobey the authority of the Pope but perhaps the Pope was wrong to change the Latin Mass tradition in the first place. I think both sides need to humble themselves and apoligize.

I was just talking to my husband about this just last night because we were watching latin mass videos on youtube and most of them were SSPX.

I told him its a shame that there even had to be a vatican 2 because the latin Mass was so beautiful its hard to imagine anybody wanting to change it! It seems that the Vatican 2 mass is more like a protestant mass.Personally I think I would like to attend the Latin mass but I am converting to Catholic and I didnt want to disobey the church by going to an SSPX mass…but maybe now if they are back into communion I will reconsider:shrug:

I dont mean to offend as this is just my personal insight, like I said I was not raised Catholic so I am kinda like an observer:)

YesI can see how his statements are wrong but remember no one is perfect except Jesus and Our Lady :thumbsup: Also even the saints were wrong sometimes


Here is a list of licit Latin Masses in the US (it is not a complete list):


It also bears pointing out that the Second Vatican Council dealt with a lot of issues, not just the liturgy. See here:

Here’s the Constitution on the Liturgy from the Council:

Here is Pope Paul VI’s Constitution promulgating the new missal:

I think they help understand the changes–including certain things that have been ignored in many places which led to less liturgical continuity with the Roman heritage.

(as an aside, I too prefer the Latin Mass, or the extraordinary form as it is now called).

Now on the CNA site:


And on the Associated Press:


To entertain such a thought as does Bishop Williamson regarding the persecution of the Jews borders on clinical mental illness. However, the lifting of the excommunication is not a de facto endorsement of any one of the schismatic bishops’ personal views on historical matters. Although, unfortunately it will be taken up by certain rabbis as proof of a growing ‘Catholic anti-semitism’. You can’t please everyone.

I liken the reunion to a divorced husband and wife making an attempt to reconcile and get back together - even though they don’t see eye-to-eye. Why do they do this? Because it’s good for the children.

It won’t be pretty - but overall, it’s a good development.


Bp. Williamson is wrong in his opinions concernin the Holocaust. However - the Holocaust isn’t a matter of doctrine and should not stop him from being reunited to Holy Mother Church.

BRICK by BRICK! :thumbsup:

Lifting of excommunication does not necessarily mean the SSPX will come back into the fold.

The mutual excommunications between the Eastern Orthodox and the Catholic Church were lifted (I think at or after Vatican II) but the EO’s are not back.

But I hope they do come back.

I pray that this comes to pass. We don’t have an TLM within 200 miles except for the SSPX one.

The difference here is the EO is in schism, and the SSPX is not. They acknowledge every doctrine and dogma of the Church.

What does remain to be seen though, is how they will be brought back. You can’t just have bishops floating around. They need bishoprics. Where would those be? Presumably they would want to stay as an autonomous group, ie a religious order.

Of course, assuming the action has taken place, I am sure this has been taken care of as well, I just don’t know how

** post deleted - adherence to request by Jo Bennett not to discuss this at this time.

That is exactly my concern.

What sort of a message are we sending to the rest of the world?

More reports on this are popping up. A German report just issued states that the excommunications could be lifted as early as tomorrow. At the very least, it seems that the press have been informed to expect some kind of announcement for tomorrow is coming…


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