Pope lifts suspension of priest who served as Sandinista foreign minister [CWN]

Pope Francis has agreed to lift the suspension of Father Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, the Maryknoll priest who, in defiance of canon law, held political office, serving as Nicaragua’s …


From the article:
" Now 81, the priest, who no longer holds political office, wrote a letter to Pope Francis expressing the desire to celebrate the Eucharist again before he dies. "

May God bless and guide our Holy Father and our priests.

Hopefully he has expressed contrition for his defiance of the Vatican.

D’Escoto served as the Republic of Nicaragua’s Minister for Foreign Affairs for more than a decade and currently acts as Senior Adviser on Foreign Affairs to President Daniel Ortega Saavedra. He is still a member of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN), a political movement rooted in Marxist philosophy and which once had ties to the Soviet Communist party. huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/04/pope-francis-father-miguel-descoto_n_5647650.html

                           I'd say this is a disturbing development.

Quote from the reinstated priest in 2010

                               He later asked: "who has been the person who has most highly raised the flag of solidarity in this world?"

“I would like to say that a pope, but I cannot because God is listening to me and I have to tell the truth only,” d’Escoto affirmed, and immediately stressed that person is Commander Fidel Castro Ruz."

Given that he said this yesterday (after his reinstatement) I don’t think he has had the change of heart one might have hoped for:

“The Vatican may silence everyone, then God will make the stones speak, and may the stones spread his message, but He didn’t do this, He chose the greatest Latin-American of all time: Fidel Castro,” the religious, 81 years old, declared today to Channel 4 in the local [Nicaraguan] television."

“It is through Fidel Castro that the Holy Spirit sends us the message. This message of Jesus, of the need to struggle to establish, firmly and irreversibly, the kingdom of God on this earth, which is his alternative to the empire,” he added."


Distressing, though vague enough that if taken charitably, could in itself be more naivete than heresy.

I thought Fr. Brockman may have changed his views, but apparently not…but that’s not the real point here. He was suspended because of his disobedience for serving in a Political Office. He wouldn’t resign when asked to by the Vatican. He wasn’t suspended for his 'Political Views which is not cause for suspension. It is cause for his local Bishop to have a ‘little talk’ with him if he were expressing these radical views publicly , as it does cause a certain amount of scandal among the faithful, but as I understand it, not cause for suspension.

Right. I’ve seen some comments in some articles about this speak as though his political positions need to be renounced before his suspension is lifted. But that wasn’t the reason he was suspended in the first place. He was voted into political office, which is clearly against Canon Law, and the appropriate action was taken against him for that offense. It was never about his political views or his theology.

I think what Pope Francis is doing here is similar to what Pope Benedict did with the SSPX bishops. It is an act of mercy from a loving father.

Yes, correct. I am from the Archdiocese of Chicago. Do you remember during the 2008 Presidential Campaign when Fr. Pfleger (from Chicago of course) went on such public tirades in regard to ‘racism’ etc and campaigning for Obama? Cardinal George kind of ‘slapped his hand’ several times because of some over the top comments made. He put him on ‘sabatical’ once but he really couldn’t do much more. Although Fr. Pfleger didn’t actually preach against Church teaching, he came very close to the line. Fr. publicly apologized, and that’s about all the Cardinal could do. It seems to me this is the same senario. I’d be interested to know if Pope Francis warned him about public rants though.:wink:

Perhaps this great act of mercy is “live and let live” in practice! (#1 on the Pope’s list for happiness).

Yes, perhaps. But I haven’t really seen any ‘lines in the sand’ (so to speak) drawn by this Pope yet. He doesn’t seem to have any hard and fast rules. That said, this priest is now what 80 yrs old now? And he has asked to be able to say Mass again before he dies, so I do believe this is an act of mercy like we have witnessed from other modern day Pontiffs. After all, at this age it wouldn’t seem likely that he would want to get back into the political scene.

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