Pope makes strong, silent anti-abortion statement


Pope Francis Makes Anti-Abortion Statement in South Korea


God bless Pope Francis :heaven:

I am going to stay away from the comments section, I can’t afford a new laptop right now :takethat: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m surprised Yahoo would report on this.

It might be for the reasons one may think.

In a sense it’s showing a more or less liberal audience that Pope Francis isn’t going to cement American progressive ideals in the Church.

I’m not sure why the American media ginned all that up anyways. The Catholic Church has had a single constant of interest in the Truth since its foundation and the idea that it would blow with the wind for First World secularism is laughable.

South Korea banned abortion in 1953 with exceptions for rape, incest or severe genetic disorders. The constitutional court upheld the ban in 2012.

Kudos to South Korea!

Seriously, i feel the same way.

I couldn’t resist reading them :blush:. Can anybody make any sense of this guys “logic”. I am honestly baffled. :confused:

Mr Everyman1 day ago

The Roman Catholic (RC) doctrine on birth control sanctions billions of “baby murders” every year. The doctrine says there is a person at fertilization, mistakenly called conception, when sperm and egg unite. When “rhythm” or natural family planning (NFP) are used these systems are “open to life” consistent with RC doctrine. Zygotes, egg and sperm united into one cell, are deliberately killed by the woman’s infertile period. This means the Roman Catholic Church has authorized methods of birth control that kill billions of persons every year according to its own definition of union of body and soul.

May God abundantly bless Pope Francis. He is truly a very wise and holy man.

He’s trying to be smart by a half, and winds up looking pretty foolish. Apparently he’s unaware of the implications of what the word “infertile” period means. I guess he thinks eggs just hang around continuously in the womb.

:doh2: Yeah. If you could only harness the power of stupidity…

Good one.:smiley:

“Strong silent statement”?

Is that the best libtard modernists can hope for? The man is a heretic. A modernist, ecumenist, and relativist. He spews error and falsehood on a daily basis, and you idiots are searching for an instance of a hint of truth? This is pathetic. Sedevacantism is the Only Option. Francis is an antipope.

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