Pope Media Frenzy Shows Church's Relevance, Author Notes

The writer of this article on EWTN News is struck by the paradox of irrelevance–the world says the Church is irrelevant but then turns its attention to the Church. At the conclave you have the most relevant event in the entire world. Deep down, this writer says, the world knows the Church is relevant.
see www.ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/US.php?id=7252

I heard that there were over 6,000 journalists in St. Peter’s Basilica when the white smoke came out.

Meanwhile, an acquaintance of a friend commented on Facebook saying, “I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but I honestly don’t care about the pope’s election. I just don’t care.” I smiled and chuckled to myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Every press report from Vatican City led off with “Pope Francis begins his papacy in a time when the Church faces so many problems and scandals…”

Why not mention the vast positive impacts the Church has on the present world? Think of the committed priests, nuns, and laity we’ve all known over the years. Think of the lives these wonderful people have touched and continue to touch. The Church has fed, clothed, and educated countless souls while laying the very path for their heavenly salvation for centuries past. Forgive my rant, but I love the Catholic Church, the one true church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ upon His Rock, St. Peter. May God bless Pope Francis in the coming years.

I am excited that in the media frenzy, there have also been side stories about seminarians and why ‘regular guys’ are choosing to accept the call to the priesthood. I can’t help but think what great press this is :slight_smile:

Check out this episode of The Vortex. (Try your best to excuse the hoarseness in Michael Voris’ voice.)

Fair question Tampa Dave. I also wonder how much of the media will fairly pay the Church any serious attention or consideration during Pope Francis’ papacy.

Compare Obama’s election to the conclave’s selection of Pope Francis. Obama is president to 300 million Americans, whereas Pope Francis is God’s pontiff for 1.2 billion Catholics. I would say the pope is ‘relevant’. :slight_smile:

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