Pope Meets with International Theological Commission


Speaking to members of the International Theological Commission Friday at the Vatican, the Pope defined what it means to be a theologian.

The theologian is, first of all, a believer who ‘hears’ God’s word. But rather than just hearing,Francis said the theologian must also “humbly listen” to “‘what the Spirit says to the Churches’ through the diverse manifestations of the lived faith of the Church.”

In 1969, Pope Paul VI instituted, in connection with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, an International Theological Commission. Its task is to help the Holy See and primarily the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith examine doctrinal questions of major importance. Its president is the prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, presently Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

The Commission is composed of no more than 30 theologians from diverse schools and countries known for their their knowledge and faithfulness to the Magisterium.

The mission of the commission, the Pope reflected, is “to study doctrinal problems of great importance, especially those which present new points of view, and in this way to offer its help to the Magisterium of the Church.”

This task not only requires “intellectual competence,” he said, “but also spiritual dispositions,” such as listening to what the Holy Spirit says. >

Pope to theologians: Listen to ordinary faithful


This is an article by a reporter who consistently misrepresents Pope Francis as a liberal who cares little for orthodoxy and rules. She says that the Pope told theologians that they must listen to ordinary Catholics,but what he actually said was that they should listen to “‘what the Spirit says to the Churches’ through the diverse manifestations of the lived faith of the Church.” Ordinary Catholics are not all moved by the Spirit and living the faith of the Church.

She says that Pope Francis’ disdain for theologians is well known,which is not true. And if he does disdain theologians,what kind are they? The ones that are not orthodox? Many theologians today are not orthodox. He does not disdain Pope Benedict,who is orthodox. She also says that Francis has complained that theologians get in the way of unity? Where did he say that? She also misrepresents what Francis means by theology on its knees,saying it is “a more merciful type of theology that isn’t focused so much on rules and regulations but meeting the faithful where they are to help them reach holiness.” But what he really means is that theologians should be humble before God,praying to and worshipping him.


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