"Pope Michael" Documentary

Click here for the video (74 min.)

There is a documentary made about a year ago detailing some of the life of who I call Antipope Michael who belongs to a small conclavist group. Most of the group has since left except the mother of the Antipope but a few others have joined including two seminary students. I hope you enjoy the movie, at one point a Roman Catholic priest is in the Q & A with “Pope Michael”.

It’s actually quite interesting. I was told about it when it was a much smaller film at Notre Dame.

It is sad, very sad.

Ah, yes, the Kansas Pope.

This supposedly caused the 50-man schism:

“The earlier Mass, the old Latin Mass, said that ‘Christ’s blood was shed for many for the remission of sins,’ and they changed that to ‘Christ’s blood was shed for all,’” says Tim Miller, a KU professor of religious studies. “And that could imply that the sacrifice of Christ would cause everyone to be saved, everyone to achieve salvation, whereas the classic idea has been that only believers are going to be saved and everyone else will be damned. Some conservatives said, ‘That’s a terrible idea. People who are in horrible error are going to be saved?’”

The translation was bad. Now it’s been changed back to the proper “for many”. Why does the schism continue?

We have much more to fear from “Liberal ‘Catholics’”, the American Catholic Council, Priestess Movements, Islam, Government Intervention, liberal Protestants, fundamentalist Protestants, bad Bibles, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Japan, Canada, Capitalism, Christian Democracy, Social Justice, SSPX, Eastern Orthodoxy, and the family dog than we do from these.

Is that a Jehovah’s Witness site? I almost believe the schism never happened just because they say it did, and would most certainly not believe it if I hadn’t heard of it elsewhere (unless the rumor started with those Arians in the first place).

This guy isn’t that bad proclaiming himself pope. I just saw on TV a black minister calling himself prophet.

I like his accent.

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