Pope misses traditional Eucharistic procession for Corpus Christi [CWN]

Pope Francis chose not to walk in the traditional Corpus Christi procession across the city of Rome on June 19, rousing new speculation about the Pontiff’s health.The Pope celebrated …


The Pope is in his mid seventies. He would have had to walk in the summer heat in his vestments which are hot and heavy. It was logical for him to ride. Give the poor man a break.

It shouldn’t change the fact that we should be going for the Eucharistic procession… nor should that make us less Catholic. :wink:

Pope Francis is missing a lung and suffers from sciatica.


Praying for our Holy Father.

Though his 80th birthday is only 30 months away, I think people have been a bit fooled by his robustness during the first 14 months of his pontificate. Even with medical advances, this is very late in life -- not much younger than St. John XXIII when he was elected. I've tried to treasure the moments he's given us (including the ones that have thrown some for a loop) because he won't be with us too long . . .

He would not have walked. He would have ridden in the vehicle that the monstrance was on.
Had nothing to do with walking

He has one lung, suffers from sciatica, and is 77 years old. Lets give the man a break.


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