Pope Names as Cardinal Archbishop Opposing Communion for Pro-Abortion Pols

Pope Names as Cardinal Archbishop Opposing Communion for Pro-Abortion Pols

The Vatican – Pope Benedict XVI named Raymond Burke, the former Archbishop of St. Louis as one of two Americans who will become cardinals in the Catholic Church. The pontiff said yes to the pro-life leader who has repeatedly said no to pro-abortion politicians receiving the sacrament of communion.


Odd to highlight this particular point, given that the Pope also named Archbishop Wuerl, who has the opposite view.

I don’t know that Archbishop Wuerl has taken the opposite view on that or not. As Archbishop of Washington, he has a lot of high-profile people in his archdiocese who are not domiciled or quasi-domiciled in his diocese. He has taken the position that the bishop of the home diocese of the person in question is the one to administer or not administer canonical discipline to the person in question. He bases this position on Canon 100-107.

As for the national politicians who are domiciled in his archdiocese, you have Steny Hoyer (Baptist), Elijah Cummings (Baptist), and Chris Van Hollen (Episcopal). Obviously, none of them should be receiving communion in any case, regardless of their support or opposition to abortion. Neither of Maryland’s senators are his issue either. Babs Mikulski is from Baltimore (not part of his archdiocese or province) and Ben Cardin is Jewish. The governor (O’Malley…no relation) is also from Balmer – and works in Annapolis (therefore, he is Abp. O’Brien’s responsibility, not Abp Wuerl). And, frankly, I haven’t gone through the list of state legislators outside of my own legislative district to determine their residence, stand on abortion, or religion…so I can’t say one way or the other regarding them.

I don’t personally agree with Abp Wuerl’s stance on the issue: I would prefer him to say that these politicians are not to receive communion within the Archdiocese of Washington…but I am neither a bishop nor a canonist…so my opinion is just an opinion. It would be nice if Wuerl was of one mind with Burke…but I can see that his attitude is based, somehow, in reality (unlike his predecessor’s opinion).

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