Pope names Jesuit to lead Oakland diocese (Michael C Barber, SJ)

From CNA:
Pope Francis has appointed Jesuit Father Michael C. Barber the next bishop of the Oakland, California diocese.

Bishop-designate Barber is currently the Director of Spiritual Formation at Saint John’s Seminary in Brighton, Mass. and has been serving in that capacity since 2010.

He is also a Commander (CH) in the US Navy Reserve.

Please do not confuse him with Michael D. Barber, SJ, from St Louis University – they are two different people.

Did Archbishop Cordileone retire?

Archbishop Cordileone was appointed head of the San Francisco diocese in 2012.

I am really confused. The article said this:

The announcement of his appointment was made on May 3 by the Holy See’s press office. He will succeed Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone who now leads the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Can you explain what that means please?


Still in the middle of that Love Story. :wink:

No idea Holly, I crossed posts with you. :slight_smile:

Archbishop Cordileone had been bishop of the Diocese of Oakland, but in April 2012 he was appointed to lead the Diocese of San Francisco. He was installed there in October 2012. So I would say that from October till now, the Diocese of Oakland was without a bishop. It’s not all that unusual for a diocese to go for some time without a bishop appointed to lead it.


(Oakland and San Francisco are 2 separate dioceses.)

Archbishop Cordilieone was the most recent bishop of Oakland and is thus Barber’s immediate predecessor even though Oakland has been vacant since last year.

Nor with Dr. Michael Barber, the Catholic speaker and theologian from John Paul the Great University. :slight_smile:

I guess it’s a popular name.

Oh okay. You appear to be right. I visited the Diocese of Oakland’s website and apparently they’ve had an Apostolic Administrator since 2012 which I am pretty sure is not the same thing as a Bishop or Archbishop. :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing that up for me. I assumed you were right but I wanted to check things out for myself. I have a very inquisitive nature about myself sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

A Navy chaplain:


…His time as a military chaplain included being called to active duty in 2003 to serve the 6,000 troops in the 4th Marine Air Wing who participated in the invasion of Iraq.

An apostolic administrator is someone who is appointed to govern the diocese in absence of a bishop. Sometimes this is the Archbishop of the province, sometimes it is a priest from within the diocese–usually the Vicar General if this is the case. The idea is to have someone who can continue to provide for the day-to-day leadership of the diocese until the new Bishop is appointed.

Interestingly, sometimes a bishop will be appointed before the present officeholder retires; this is known as a “coadjutor.” A coadjutor bishop essentially functions as an auxiliary bishop, except that as soon as the see is vacant, he will become the ordinary–sort of like a “head coach in waiting” on a college football team :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, all these Catholic terms we have to try to keep straight. :slight_smile:

Cue the “Empire Strikes Back” theme: the Jesuits cometh. Protestant conspiracy nuts beware! :smiley:

Been trying to find out what I could about Father Barber. This article has a short interview with him (it’s from 2009 though):


And this one:


If anyone knows any more about him, please post, I’d love to learn more about my new Bishop :slight_smile:

He couldn’t be more discrete with his decision? I mean yeah, we know the Jesuits run the Church, but you don’t have to be outwardly displaying the fact just because they have the white Pope now too. :mad:


For those interested, I was just chatting with someone that knows Fr. Barber personally and has taken classes from him.

This person said: “Fr. Michael is an excellent choice. This is amazingly good news. This speaks volumes to me about the tremendous blessing we all have in Pope Francis…”

I also asked about Fr. Barber’s attitude towards the TLM and his orthodoxy, and this person said he is “rock solid”.

So, it’s just one person’s opinion, but this is a pretty great endorsement :thumbsup:

Sounds wonderful. Keep up the good work Pope Francis.

My opinion of Jesuits is higher now than about six months ago.

lol…me too. I think the “other” Jesuits were just more vocal/in the media more, etc.

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