Pope: No-work Sundays good, not just for faithful

CAMPOBASSO, Italy (AP) — Pope Francis says abandoning the traditionally Christian practice of not working on Sundays isn’t such a good change.

Francis on Saturday traveled to Molise, an agricultural region in the heart of southern Italy where unemployment is chronically high. While he said poor people need employment to have dignity, he disagreed with opening stores and other businesses on Sundays as a way to create jobs.

Francis said the priority should be “not economic but human,” adding “maybe it’s time to ask ourselves if working on Sundays is true freedom.”


Lighthouse Catholic Media has a really good cd/mp3 called “Keep Holy the Sabbath”. It’s really cheap and it taught me a lot.

Start with professional sports. Good luck with that.

I really despise working on Sundays. I usually get very long shifts on a Sunday too; usually something like 12-9 pm. I use to have to work till 11pm on Sundays too.

No, let’s not do that.

I like going to brunch after Sunday Mass. I assume that the servers at the restaurant enjoying receiving the additional hours. I also find it convenient to do errands before and after Mass. I again assume that the store clerks enjoy getting the additional hours.

Nice point! I hadn’t considered this perspective.

I love wasting time with my kids! I especially like wasting time playing video with them. I am currently going through every Lego game on the market. Yay!

Now Sundays are a different issue. I have to work half of all Sundays and have for almost three decades. :shrug: One finds a way to adjust and transfer the needs for a Holy Sabbath to other days or time slots.

For a lot of people it also keeps them from being able to attend Mass. I know there are essential services that need to be staffed, but can’t we take one day of the week and give it to the Lord by refraining from the usual clutter we find in our daily lives. Go to Mass, spend the day with your family, read the bible or the catechism, and put the Lord first on that day. :signofcross:

It is nice to keep holy the Lord’s day.
It is wonderful to put aside some of the tasks that do not need immediate accomplishment.

Seems like a good idea. It would be nice to always have an official day off every week.

Yes, I would love to see things slow down and close down on Sunday. (You just plan around it, becomes habit.) Having one day “off” from the modern pace of life would have a huge impact. I think we’d be surprised at how beneficial it was, not just for the religious.

I grew up in Germany when stores were closed on Sundays and actually closed early on Saturdays. Sunday was then truly sacrosanct, a time to focus on family, interests, and other things that did not revolve around making more money. Sure it would be nice to make sure people could get “additional hours” to make money because they are struggling, but maybe we should ask, “why are they struggling so much”. Since we live in the days of 24/7/365 Walmart and the like, are we really better off in ways other than materially?


In Ireland about 20 or 30 years ago when one of my teachers was growing up this was the case as well. But the world is pushing people to spend longer at work and spend less time leisurely.

No, it’s clear we are not. This is not well understood in the US.

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