Pope on Brexit: 'the will of the people is to be respected'

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis commented on Britain’s decision to leave the European Union saying it must be followed by “guarantees” for the good of both Britain and countries on the continent.
Speaking to journalists aboard the Papal plane during his journey to the Armenian capital, Yerevan, the Pope said the referendum result must be respected because it was wanted by the people.
“It was the will expressed by the people and this requires a great responsibility on the part of all of us to guarantee the good of the people of the United Kingdom, as well as the good and co-existence of the European continent” he said.



That is the link referenced which doesn’t show above. In it it says “a historic referendum that saw 52% of the population vote to leave” which isn’t true - it was 37.5%. So much for “The voice of the Pope and the Church”.

Most interestingly Francis calls for “guarantees”.

That sound you heard was the collective groan of disappointment from both extremes (radical traditionalist and liberal) who were expecting something else from the Holy Father. :slight_smile:

Very glad he has said this.

Did you have a link that showed that 37.5 percent you cite?

At first glimpse 52% of a two choice proposition seems more right to me.

How could Brexit win with just 37.5? Did STAY have 36.5 … and there was a redundant “abstain” vote box that got the 26 percent remainder?

Or are you factoring in all of the non-voting “population” (abstainers, ineligibles, children, long-tern visitors now counted as part of the population but not citizens yet, etc.) in reducing the voting 52 percent to the 37.5.

I’ve disagreed with Francis (often later to find that he was misinterpreted with political language added by the interpreters) … but the

So much for “The voice of the Pope and the Church”.

line comes off as implying in tone that Francis is a deliberate prevaricator or something. Did you mean to do that or have I made too much (or little) of your tone?

BREXIT is not an issue of Faith and Morals … even if Francis did have a secret preference for which side won.

I took it as a pastoral peacemaking statement, and per “the will of the people” … not very controversial.

He is a European leader now (albeit the Vatican is a non-EU state) … and possibly is giving a "thou shalt not steal … " counsel to some who might try to nullify this election by
subterfuge such as we have experienced in California from time to time. < Like judges overturning a landslide election of a proposition as “unconstitutional” AFTER the fact …

AKA voter nullification


Reportedly one lady voted to leave thinking that the vote was for Britain’s soccer team to leave Euro 2016.

A “low information voter” who votes contrary to the prevailing media of her area? Glad to see that happens sometimes.

Hope the poor dear was able to get out of the voting booth without permanent disorientation.

I found this perhaps the best analysis I’ve seen of the issues, and how Brexit was so badly handled.


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