Pope, Orthodox Patriarch look to new council at Nicea [CWN]

Pope Francis and Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople have agreed to plan for an ecumenical meeting to be held in Nicea in 2025, the AsiaNews service reports.Patriarch …



Wow :slight_smile:

I know somebody had a post about whether the CC and EO would ever unite, but I hope both Churches do plan to unite. I hope and pray that when this council occurs, things will be for the best and a unification.

Well, not an Ecumenical Council, but a meeting. Misleading caption.

I would love to see the East come back out of schism, but if The Ecumenical Council of Florence (1438-1440) is any guide things might not go that way even if both sides agree on all doctrinal points. :frowning:

Yes, it’s unclear exactly what kind of meeting is meant here.

From Vatican Insider:


This is not another counsil. It’s the marking of an anniversary. :shrug: And it’s over 10 YEARS away!

I was excited when I heard there would be a meeting.
Then I saw the year 2025! Why wait so long?

From original source:

reveló una importante cita para la unidad entre católicos y ortodoxos: encontrase juntos en 2025 en Nicea

Title: “En 2025, todos los cristianos celebrarán un sínodo verdaderamente ecuménico en Nicea”


Revealed an important date for the unity between catholics and orthodox: a meeting between the two in 2025 in Nicea

Title: “In 2025, all christians will celebrate a synod truly ecumenical”

Source: I’m fluent in Spanish, as it’s my native tongue.

My Translation of the Article into English (No Google Translate):

The ecumenical patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, after returning from Jerusalem and from the historic meeting with Pope Francis in the Holy Sepulchre, revealed an important date for the unity between the catholics and orthodox: a meeting between them in Nicea in 2025, the place where the first truly ecumenical council was celebrated.

Speaking exclusively with AsiaNews, Bartholemew said that with Pope Francis “we’ve decided to leave a legacy to ourselves and to our successors in meeting in Nicea in 2025, to celebrate all together, after 17 centuries, the first truly ecumenical Synod where our creed arose.”

Bartholemew encountered Francis 50 years after the historic hug between Paul VI and Athenagoras. The encounter in 1964 broke the large silence of centuries between orient and occident Christians, with all the socio-political consequences that arose, and of which Europe still suffers.

The encounter in the Holy Sepulchre in these days gives hope to the dialogue between catholics and orthodox, two christian viewpoints that while diverse, experience a common vision of the sacraments and apostolic tradition.

“The dialogue towards unity between catholics and orthodox -said the Patriarch via AsiaNews- comes from Jerusalem. In this city, in the next Autumn, will be realized an encounter of the Cathollic-Orthodox Commission, hosted by the Greek-Orthodox Patriarch Theophelus III. In this long road in which all must commit to without hypocrisy.

“Jerusalem -he continued- is the place, the land of dialogue between God and man, the place where the Word of God was made incarnate. Our predecessors, Athenagores and Paul VI had chosen this place to break the silence between the two sister Churches.”

“I’ve walked with my brother Francis in this Holy Land not with fear or tremors of [Cleofas?] and Lucas on the road toward [Emaus?] but inspired for the palpable hope taught by Our Lord.”

Why can’t they meet next month or later this summer?
Why do they have to wait until 2025?

Perhaps because the last Council held in Nicea was in 325 not 314 or 315. It has to be an anniversary that is century like!!! Be glad that they didn’t postpone it to 2325 for the 2,000 anniversary of the Council of Nicea. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a reason it must be an anniversary?

No one believes that unity will occur anytime soon (for now, the leaders most interested in unity are treading very carefully to avoid ruining the renewed civility). I suspect that their hope is that in a decade’s time, the various churches will be able to express greater solidarity while preparing for deeper dialogue.

Okay…but no offense…that doesn’t even make sense to me. If they are serious about wanting to open communication, they would not want to wait that long.

Communication is one thing, unity is another.

On the Orthodox side, the leaders know full well that not every church is dedicated to unity (some only want to cooperate on social issues, others are totally opposed to any reunion unless we definitely renounce all Catholic “herecies” and become the Roman Orthodox Church; the latest meeting between the Pope and the Ecumenical Patriarch has seen some criticism), and even the most enthusiastic are wary of hot button issues, such as papal primacy.

Pushing too fast and too hard can ruin early progress, plus it’s a surefire way to aggravate intra-Orthodox tension.

They are meeting in the mean time. For instance, the Orthodox Patriarch came to Francis’ inaugural mass, and they have pretty frequent ongoing meetings between theologians. It’s not like nothing will happen between now and 2025.

Reunion is absolutely essential to counter protestantism, secular humanism and islam. Anybody stuck on theological quibbles needs to take his nose out of his books and take a look at the outside world.

I am sorry that all of us will have to wait 11 more years for the Ecumenical Council which may end the great schism of 1054 AD. Many of us seniors will not be around in 2025.:frowning:
Let us continue to pray unceasingly for church unity and reconciliation of the holy Churches.

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