Pope outlines plans for the extraordinary jubilee of mercy [CWN]

Emphasizing the centrality of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and highlighting the importance of the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, Pope Francis has issued Misericordiae Vultus …


What does he mean by a Holy Door?

Actual doors in the Roman basilicas that are sealed shut, except in Jubilee years when they are opened. He probably means the one in St. Peter’s in particular here.


PLEASE take the time to read Pope Francis’ Bull of Indiction which is linked in the first post above. It is a bit long, but very important we take time to see what this Pope has to say about MERCY.

Read the Pope’s words. Not watered down sound bites from those who may not appreciate what this Pope is trying to do.

Here is the link the Pope’s Bull of Indiction:


The idea of the Pope sending out “Missionaries of Mercy” to go around promoting and hearing confessions during Lent is an interesting idea. I hope it is successful!

Oh, what is behind these doors?

The other side. The doors don’t lead to a sealed or secret chamber AFAIK; they are just symbolic and alternate entryways into the church proper.

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