Pope Overrides Objections

Getting closer…


It’s a good article. I hope this happens in my lifetime. :wink:

Finally, I never been to one but lately the Tridentine Mass has open my curiousity to go to one.

All this waiting and all these announcements may have done some good after all. Methinks if the motu proprio had been released two years ago, few would have taken notice.

Glad you’re curious and may you gain spiritually.

Yeah and maybe someday if God will that I should be a priest I can do one myself. :smiley:

I’m a bit surprised that this wasn’t seen before the USAToday piece.

It was. We’re on top of all the news about the motu proprio here. :slight_smile: If you find anything at all, please don’t hesitate to post here. It’s not a race to see who posts it first; it’s a starting point for many to discuss or ponder.

Sorry, that’s what I get to not coming here often.:o

I’ll pray that you find your calling, Mannyfit. :thumbsup:

It is encouraging and reaffirming to know other Catholics feel as we do around the world. Sometimes I feel rather alone in my beliefs, but I read something like this and it is like I can exhale a little bit. I hope this ball doesn’t stall.

Found this at yahoo


I’m sorry and I don’t mean to sound critical but USA today is hardly a credible source and I take anything the secular media claims to be the church or popes opinions with a grain of salt.

For me the Jury is out until its reported from within house.
This doesn’t mean Latin will return.

I don’t think you sound critical, only reserved. You’re right, USA Today isn’t what I would put my money on when it comes to their reporting on things of this nature, but I am glad this this is getting as much attention as it is in the secular press. And even if the annoucment comes tomorrow, I doubt it will make much difference here anyway since we only have one priest that can offer the TLM. Even so, it will still mean a lot in terms of validation for the faithful that are called fanatics and “traditionalists” with disdain. Maybe the result can also, hopefully, finish the bridge with our SSPX brothers and sisters. I guess I am just trying to see the bigger picture, and the one in my mind is of hopeful expectations.

The story is an Associated Press piece, so you can probably pull it up on another newspaper…pick one you think is credible. :wink:


…or from the AP…

I think the result of the motu proprio is going to depend in a large part on whether the bishops will still be able to refuse to allow TLM. If it is just a “request for wider application of the indult” then the bishops who are presently refusing to allow TLM (as the bishop of my diocese does) aren’t very likely to change their policies.

But if the power to block TLM is taken away from the bishops, that may truly lead those of us who have no doubts that the NO is licit, but simply find TLM more spiritually rewarding, into a position where we could finally worship as the Church did for over a thousand years…

Same associated press article.

Yes, but the top is from a Catholic press & should be reliable, don’t you think?

Nothing to stop you from being critical here. But don’t you think it’s interesting that a secular source provides this type of information, even if they don’t have all the facts straight? Because really, the motu proprio to me isn’t really necessary at all. The TLM is a valid Catholic rite and it has never been abolished. The only problem is that not everyone believes that, which is one of the reasons many of the TLM advocates have been condemned.

I have nothing against the TLM besides I don’t speak much Latin. :smiley: In fact I once considered myself a traditional Catholic.

My acquaintance with the whole situation is vague. Its my understanding its not abolished but prohibited by the bishops.
Correct me if I am wrong.

However, when I see mention of the Mass made in the secular media I find it more than intersting, I find it suspect as to their agenda and motives. I look for missinfomation and sensationalism that might encourage dissention or accusation.

Sorry, grabbed wrong link for the top.

I retain hope that the whole Tridentine issue is resolved by separate Sui Iuris Church status, as there is a valid call for it, but it’s too divisive to have both in the same Ritual Church (of which there are currently 22 in the Catholic Church…) …one more would not be untoward, and would guarantee the preservation of the TLM, at least until the next general council.

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