Pope Paul VI and Bp. Oscar Romero to be Canonized

Well, it’s been coming down the pike for awhile…


Hooray!!! For both of the canonizations!!!


During the pontificates of my lifetime Cardinal Montini , Archbishop of Milan , is the only cardinal I ever wanted to be elected pope .

As Pope Paul VI he is one of my heroes .

I recall vividly his pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1964 .

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These are obviously the two big names on the list (and the rest are various founders…), but I am excited to see Vincenzo Romano’s canonization–it’s rare to see a parish priest canonized, and I am sure due to the nature of their office so many don’t get the widespread veneration they should.


Well, I’m glad. While it won’t clam up those who are already rooted in their prejudices, it’s a further validation of the 1969 Missal and Liturgy of the Hours.

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I’m afraid that those who consider the Pauline Mass and Office to be invalid most likely couldn’t care less about post-conciliar canonisations, as you say, and conversely, those who do care do not consider them to be invalid. Inferior, perhaps, but not invalid.

Yep. At one point I would have jumped on the “inferior” bandwagon, as I am an EF attendee. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve learned to ask “why”? before complaining. And I have therefore learned to see the merits of the Novus Ordo, and I can appreciate the decisions made, even if I don’t necessarily prefer them (e.g. I would gladly see all other Eucharistic Prayers abolished, with only the Roman Canon retained). And you will never catch me whining over the omitted Psalms in the modern Liturgy of the Hours, even though I would have gladly seen them retained.

Pope Paul VI’s canonization will be a validation of these, at least for me.

I’m not surprised that Pope Paul is being canonized.

I am a bit surprised with Romero, as I thought that his assassination was still unresolved judicially and the hard feelings in Salvadoran politics hadn’t been resolved as of yet. Although maybe I was wrong on that.

The political angle might have been something the church would have wanted to avoid and wait out, much like waiting until the 20th Century to canonize Thomas More.

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