Pope Pius Display Includes Rabbi's Thank You

Rome, November 5, 2008–A Pius XXII display at the Vatican exhibits a letter from a French Rabbi thanking Pius XXII and Catholic priests for their aid to Jews during the holocaust.
The letter from Rabbi Andre Zaoui, a chaplain and captain of a French expeditionary force, was dated June 22, 1944. It is among the pieces in the “Pius XXII: The man and the Pontificate”, which opened to the public Tuesday and runs through January 6, 2009.
The Rabbi notes how he attended a public audience of the pope on June 6, 1944 at 12:20 with “numerous allied soldiers and officials”.
He also mentions how the Vatican “which protected for more than six months, 60 Jewish children, among them little refugees from France”.
Zaoui wrote that he was impressed with the “paternal solitude of all the teachers” and recalled that the prefect studies affirmed “we have done nothing more than our duty”.
The Rabbbi recounts another event of June 8, 1944: The reopening of the Synagogue of Rome which had been closed by the Nazi’s October 1943.
He spoke of the precense of a priest Father Benoit, a “French fugitive” who dedicated himself “To the service of the Jewish families of Rome”. He recalled the impression made on him by the words of the priest “I love the Jews with all my heart”.
Zaoui affirmed his gratitude saying “Israel will never forget”.
There are even photos showing mattresses set up even on the Apostolic Palace for WWII refugees. A concert from the Philharmonic Orchestra of Israel on May 25, 1955 as a sign of gratitude for his work in favor of the Jews: To his repeated interventons during the war.

Just thought I’d share this about this wonderful pope. :slight_smile:

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Those Rabbi’s obviously are misinformed.

That was quick!


Speaking of rabbis, read Rabbi David Dalin’s book THE MYTH OF HITLER’S POPE.

There is/was no such wonderful Pope Pius XXII!:eek:

Pope Pius XII, there was!:thumbsup:

Apparently the entire article is lifted verbatim from an article originated by ZENIT.

But the ZENIT article correctly identifies Pope Pius XII as the subject.

What went wrong?


Rychlak’s book, ***Hitler, The War and The Pope ***crushes any idea that Pope Pius XII aided and abetted the Nazis.
I highly recommend this book to all with an interest in this subject.

As I said in a post to the thread I cited above, I’ve always thought that the ‘Pius XII’ question was something of a distraction but there’s something of a problem that any observation/criticism is confronted with defense against ‘Hitler’s Pope’ allegations which is, very often, not what the observation/criticism was about in the first place. In other words, for example, it’s no defense against ‘he could have said more’ to say that “Pius didn’t like Hitler” (or whatever).

If the Rabbi’s today are so convinced of their holy selves and not appreciate the help they received from the Vatican during the war, why don’t they fight the war with Palestine by themselves? Why seek aid and sympathy from non-Muslim countries? Let them once again be ruled by tyrants, only then will they forget their arrogance. I know, i shouldn’t say things like that but be more charitable, but come on, all this yaketty-yak from these self-righteous people do get on my nerves sometimes.

And they got all this ‘informative’ trash from a novel about Pope Pius. What is going to happen 60 years from now? Rabbis claiming the Duh Vinci Code was factual and had historical truth?


I HOPE your being facetious.

Pope Pius XII was ASKED not to speak out more forcefully because EVERY time the Church did the persecution of the Jews and those who aided them WORSENED.There should be 850,000 trees planted in Israel a veritable FOREST in his honour.PLEASE read the Myth of Hitler’s Pope by Rabbi David Dallin.This Holy man has been slandered for half a century and continues to be especially at Yad Vesham!Pope John Paul the Great Apologised for all ills visited upon the Jews by Catholics and non-Catholic Christians in a spirit of true contrition and brotherly rapprochement.It is time for our Jewish brothers and sisters to unbend their notoriously stiff necks and examine DISPASSIONATELY ALL of the truth,not just those authors such as Cornwell(a disatisfied former Catholic priest)Until they do they have ZERO credibility.

I suggest you read the thread I cited earlier - we dealt with the ‘worsened’, the trees and the 800,000 there.

Nowhere in my time on CAF have I denounced Pius XII as ‘Hitler’s Pope’ or anything of the kind so I’m not going to defend myself as if I had done so - the usual defenses of Pius that are commonly put forward here, however, are less defensible than Pius himself.

In your absolutely SKEWED opinion.
please read the REST of my post which i was editing as you responded.

No seriously, I often wonder why Israel never helped their own. The pope didn’t have to do anything, but he did, and he did a lot for the Jewish people. I’d just like to see some appreciation here from some of them. Israel has a great army. Why didn’t commando’s go in and help their own?

What’s the point of a response like that? It’s supposed to change my mind? It’s supposed to make me miffed?

It won’t do either.

Kaninchen, can you answer my question?

History isn’t your strong point, is it?

Israel didn’t exist then.

I addressed that.Address the rest of MY post.

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