Pope Pius XII and polka masses

We were told by a priest last night that it was Pope Pius XII who first authorized polka masses in Germany (?) Do you have any information on this?

I would love to see where he got that from…hohoho:D

What does a “polka Mass” entail?

The polka mass was first developed and introduced by a Croatian-American priest, Fr. Perk, in the United States in 1973, many years after Pius XII had passed on.

Your friend is quite mistaken.

You take the commonly sung parts of mass (Gloria, Agnus Dei, etc) and hymns, and you set them to Polka tunes with accordion music. That’s really the only difference between it and a standard Sunday Mass based on the one time I attended a polka Mass.

Pius XII? :confused:

John Paul II MAYBE. But not Pius XII.

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