Pope Pius XII & JFJ


Hello everyone, I’ve been debating a protestant on another forum, and it has basically degraded from sacred scripture, the saints, the rosary, et cetera to the Church being the Whore of Babylon and allowing the death of the Jews in the Holocaust. I have pointed out that Catholics too died in the Holocaust, that the head rabbi of Roman Converted to Catholicism, that Pope Pius XII saved Jews (although I don’t have many really figures), that he was praised by people such as the first president of Israel and Albert Einstein, that St. Maximilian Kolbe hid Jews, and maybe some other stuff, I even referred the person with whom I am arguing to Rabbi David G. Dalin’s book “The Myth of Hitler’s Pope” and what the Catholic League of Civil Rights has to say, but despite that he keeps going on and says some things that I can’t answer too well (although I feel that I’ve been doing a descent job, especially in regards to quoting scripture). I don’t really know what else to say - so if you want to view the thread and give me some advice or indeed comment there yourself feel free. The link is here.



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