Pope Pius XII Moves Closer to Beatification



Now if only the Pope will approve of it. But of course the beaurocrats of the Anti-Defamation league and other liberal morons will still continue to live in their delusions.


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Abraham Foxman is still living in denial as he always does. He’s simply a self-hating Jew. What he says here is a backhanded complement to Mother Church. :frowning: I think the ADL really gives Jews a bad name. Rabbi Dalin had the courage to defend Pius XII when no one else would. Foxman needs to wake up and smell the coffee. I just have to laugh when he says, “[size=1][FONT=Arial][size=2]Until all the Vatican’s secret World War II-era archives are declassified and made available to legitimate independent scholars for study and analysis, Pius XII’s record vis-à-vis Jews will continue to be shrouded, and a source of controversy and contention.” All he needs to do is check Israel’s archives and he’ll find that Pius save many Jews from the hands of the Nazis. [/size][/size][/FONT]


The more I read about him and from him, the more it becomes apprent to me that he is one of the greatest popes and saints of all time.

I figured this would be close in coming given the flurry of information clearing his good name which came out in recent months.

The sooner it happens the better.

There I agree with you. I don’t give a rat’s butt what the ADL or any other critic says of Pius XII’s actions. The truth is what it is. Pius XII is a hero PERIOD!

There is too much evidence that counters the detractors. Evidence is coming out now that much of the “evidence” against Pius XII was a Soviet plot to undermine the Catholic Church.

I know, may God remove the filth and impurity from the hearts of these a-historical bigots.

:yup: He is a saint, and they cannot change that with their rhetoric and hate mongering.

Excellent news. I cannot wait until this becomes official and we are finally allowed to say Venerable Pius XII

If Benedict XVI does approve of the decree I will do a big victory dance. No joke. Either way, we all know he’s a saint. Benedict XVI spoke very highly of Pius XII.


I always felt he may have gotten a bad rap, then I read “The Myth of Hitlers Pope” and now I know how badly this holy man was slandered.

Finally. Pius XII is one of my heros. I always saw it as disgusting that people slandered him. I remember, when I got confirmed, I had to choose a Saint’s name. I wanted to pick either John Paul or Pius, in honor of two undeniably saintly men, but, the woman I talked to said I could not pick them because they we’rent Saints. So I ended up honoring St. Maximilian Kolbe, but, if I ever become Pope, I will choose the name Pius. Or Noah…

I would choose the name Leo, Pius or maybe Thomas Aquinas :thumbsup:

The next time some person says that Pius XII didn’t do enough during WW2 to speak out tell them that the influential Rabbi’s in Jerusalem praised his efforts after the War was over. They were in a better position to comment on it than today’s Jewish leaders.

Also ADL is a hypocritical organization as a few years ago France passed a law that no student attending its public schools could wear a Muslim hi jab, a Jewish yarmulke or a Christian cross. If he truly cared about Jewish people he would have been screaming at that.

Yes. And yet those who repeat the slander that Pius XII ‘didn’t speak out enough’ I think are just looking for excuses. People are always trying to avoid salvation. We need to educate people more about this. And help them understand that Pius was courageous in his stance against Nazi Germany.

Awesome! I don’t know much about Pope Pius XII but this is awesome news nonetheless.

  1. There can be no doubt that Pius XII refrained from openly and unequivocally condemning the Nazi persecution of Jews on his international radio broadcasts with the whole world listening. We may compare this unforgiveable reticence with the brave and moral codemnations against Nazi persecutions of Jews by the Dutch clergy. True, it may be argued that Pius preferred the closed narrow interest of his church over the moral imperative of protesting the mass murder of millions. However such actions are hardly worthy of sainthood.

  2. If in fact Pius acted behind the scenes to save hundred of thousands of Jews, it is more than a little hard to understand the Vatican’s refusal to open their archives to researchers. What is it they are trying so valiantly to hide if infact Pius acted in a praiseworthy manner?

  3. At least one document has surfaced that after the war Pius tried to prevent Jewish children in Catholic convents from being reunited with their families. The Finlay brothers case with the Church’s backing indicates additional support for this claim. There is evidence that the person who would become Pope John XXIII refused to obey Pius’ orders to prevent reunification.

The third statement is untrue. The letter or document was a fabricated document and historical evidence shows to the contrary that children were in fact united with their families as Catholicleague points out. So your third statement is a flat lie.

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