Pope Pius XII- refute this please


Please refute the following:
“Read the article- but the article above argues that there is absolutely no proof to this claim [that Pope Pius helped the Jews in WWII], and further underlines that Cardinal Roncalli (later John XXIII) was severely critical of Pius for his inaction on all of this, and as a Cardinal closely tied to the Pope, he was aware that Pius knew what the Nazis were doing & largely ignored it, though there were some proofs of Pius sending some personal requests to a few state leaders to take in refugees. No one else supports the 800,000 claim, however. So the verdict on this is still out.”


Pius was praised by pretty much everyone after the war. He was, in the hearts of many, a Saint.


I would encourage you to take a look at *The Myth of Hitler’s Pope *by Rabbi David G. Dalin, and possibly buy this book if its important to you.


Have the person making this claim provide a detailed reference or references, if they can. I can make an effort to refute a reference, but there is little point in trying to refute random innuendo.


Refutation: You provide 0 evidence and make groundless and unsubstantiated claims…

BTW, you might want to do a little scholarship and read something of what the Jewish people who lived through this period have to say; such as Albert Einstein, Golda Mier (prime minister of Israel) and Israele Anton Zolli, the Chief Rabbi of Rome during the German occupation.


Someone Has Lied to You About Our Pope Pius XII


CM, I have read your blog and other testomonies on Pope Pius XII. Thanks for posting the info and links on your blog. What I can’t find are explanations refuting of some pictures going around on the internet that are used to charge Pope Pius XII of wrongdoing. Do you know the photos I speak of? One website talks about Sungenis and his views on Jews, then moves on to talk about the catholic church and Nazism.

There is another site that shows these pictures to show the connection between Nazism and christianity in general.

What I do know are most, if not all these pictures are dated before the world knew what was going on in Nazi prison camps. But yet usually the charge is to use these pictures to sling mud on christianity, especially the Vatican.

I will not post any links to these sites out of respect for this forum, but I ask you as an apologist to search for them and comment on these pictures.

Thanks for your help.


Why don’t you buy The Myth of Hitler’s Pope by Rabbi David G. Dalin? I have the book and its a very good book. It addresses the questions which you speak of.


How come nobody ever asks what Churchill (UK) and FDR (USA) were doing re the Jews? Is it because they did not know, or did not care, or could not do anything? And why was the full impact of the Nazi’s revealed only after the war?

These anti-Catholic kooks make out like the Pope/Church are responsible for Hitler and the Nazis.


Why don’t you do a little scholarship and read something of what the Jewish people who lived through this period have to say; such as Albert Einstein, Golda Mier (prime minister of Israel) and Israele Anton Zolli, the Chief Rabbi of Rome during the German occupation.


You may be referring to a famous picture of Pope Pius receiving a Nazi salute as he walks toward his car.

This is a carefully cropped picture of the Pope when he was still a Cardinal leaving a meeting in Germany where he was stationed. He could not help that some low level German soldier gave him what had become the de facto German salute.

As for refuting the claim in the OP … its a lie. I refuted it with as much evidence as the original claim was made.

Read Ryschlak’s Hitler the War and the Pope.


Here is a collection of articles regarding Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust.



I know the pictures that you speak of. One is the one that that creep used on his cover or “Hitler’s Pope” and this article deals with the dishonest cropping that they used. (which, as a former photojournalist kinda burns me up.)

Here are some other articles that are relevant.
Historical Dishonesty
Burden of History
by Karl Keating

Much Nonsense Is Written
In October, eleven months after John Cornwell’s book, Hitler’s Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII, made its first malodorous splash, the paperback edition was released. As these things go, the author was again before us in print and TV media propagating the “black legend” that the wartime pope was anti-Semitic and did nothing to oppose the Nazi Holocaust.

In late October the Zenit news agency ran an interview with Jewish historian Michael Tagliacozzo, head of the Beth Lohame Haghettaot, the Center of Studies on the Shoah and Resistance in Italy. (Beth Lohame Haghettaot in Israel is one of the world’s largest museums and centers of documentation on the Holocaust.)

Throughout interview Tagliacozzo presents historical documentation showing Pius XII did everything within his diplomatic power to protest the Nazi treatment of Jews and ordered members of the Church to protect and hide them from the Germans. Most compelling was Tagliacozzo’s account of his own experience in wartime Rome:

"After the Nazis’ action [of arresting and deporting thousands of Italian Jews on October 16, 1943], the Pontiff, who had already ordered the opening of convents, schools and churches to rescue the persecuted, opened cloistered convents to allow the persecuted to hide. Msgr. Giovanni Butinelli, of the parish of the Transfiguration, told me that the Pontiff had recommended that parish priests be told to shelter Jews.

"I personally know a Jewish family that, after the Nazis’ request for 50 kilos of gold, decided to hide the women and children in a cloistered convent on Via Garibaldi. The nuns said they were happy to take the mother and girl but they could not care for a little boy. However, under the Pope’s order, which dispensed the convent from cloister, they also hid the boy.

"I myself was saved from persecution thanks to the Church’s help. I remember it was October 16, a rainy day. It was a Saturday, the third day of the Jewish feast of Sukkot. I had sought refuge in Bologna Square.

"When the Germans arrived, I was able to escape through a window and I found myself on the street in my pajamas. A family helped me and hid me. I then went to my former Italian teacher who let me stay in her home and asked several priests to find me a safe place.

“Finally, after almost a week, thanks to a recommendation of Fr. Fagiolo, I was hidden in the Lateran. I remember they treated me wonderfully. After not having eaten for two days, Fr. Palazzini gave me a meal with all God’s goods: a bowl of vegetable soup, bread, cheese, fruit. I had never eaten so well.”

When asked what he thought of Cornwell’s book, Tagliacozzo replied, “I haven’t read it, but I know that much nonsense is written and, unable to contribute new arguments, they give exaggerated interpretations. I am an historian and I do not look for controversies.”

Incidentally, little more than a month before the paperback release of Hitler’s Pope, a new book, Hitler, the War, and the Pope, appeared. Undertaken several years before Cornwell’s book appeared, the new book—by law professor Ronald J. Rychlak—is a meticulous refutation of the “black legend” of Pius XII’s silent complicity with Hitler. It won’t get the press Cornwell’s book did—few in the secular world care about a pope who is holy, even saintly—but it’s an honest, scholarly antidote to the dissembling poison of Cornwell. Look for an article by Rychlak, “Historical Dishonesty: The Lie of Hitler’s Pope,” in next month’s issue of This Rock.

  • Tim Ryland


More articles:
**A Pius Legend (This Rock: November 2006)

How Nazis Hated the Catholic Church
Nazi hatred for the Catholic Church has been documented in Konrad Löw’s new book, Die Schuld (The Guilt). Resch Press, the book’s publisher, promotes it as “a response to Amen and The Vicar,” film and theater works that accuse Pope Pius XII of having been too conciliatory to Nazism. It is also a response to Daniel Goldhagen’s work Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (New York: Knopf, 1996), which accuses Germans in general of being accomplices of Nazism.

Löw uses specific historical documents (there are 1,063 footnotes and a 331-item bibliography) to address little-known aspects of Nazi policy—in particular the continuous and systematic persecution of Catholics. The author, a native of Bavaria, demonstrates how Zentrum, the Catholic party, was supported and voted for by Jews, a phenomenon that can be explained by the fact that the Catholic Church condemned the nascent racism and nationalism with great clarity. The author also points out that Protestant groups were to a large extent fascinated by the racial theories.

Löw documents that Hitler’s appointment as chancellor was applauded by Protestant denominations, while the Catholic bishops condemned Nazi theories. This was why the Nazis persecuted Catholics as well as, if not as much as, Communists and Jews. According to the Nazi theory, Christianity’s roots in the Old Testament meant that whoever was against the Jews should also be against the Catholic Church. Ample documentation gathered by Löw records Catholics’ assistance to Jews, which angered the Nazis.

The book recounts in detail what Adolf Hitler, Alfred Rosenberg, Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, and Martin Bormann said and wrote about Jews and Catholics. In particular, Hitler wished to trample the Catholic Church “as one does a frog.”

To give an idea of what the Nazis thought of Catholics, Löw presents an SS report that states, “It is indisputable that the Catholic Church in Germany is decisively opposed to the governmental policy of opposition to Hebrew power. As a consequence, it carries out work in support of Jews, helps them flee, uses all means to support them in daily life, and facilitates their illegitimate stay in the Reich. The people in charge of this task enjoy the full support of the episcopate and do not hesitate to take away from Germans, including German children, the little food they have, to give it to Jews.”

The Framing of Pius XII
Catholic Apologists Are Fighting Back
By Matthew Bunson

** HOW PIUS XII PROTECTED JEWS (This Rock: February 1997)



I think a first year political theory student can tell you that anyone who says Nazism is somehow an outgrowth of Christianity is smoking crack.


That is a good book to begin with as it will lead you to some primary sources. I did a report on this very topic in a second or third year university history course. The hysteria over Hitler’s so-called Pope began with a 1963 FICTIONAL play by a German (Rolf Hochhuth to be exact and the play was entitled The Deputy).

As historian Jose Sanchez wisely observed, “It is one of the greatest ironies of history that two persons with opposite temperaments and ideologies are paired together in this modern horror: Adolf Hitler, whom some see as the individual solely responsible for the Holocaust, and Pope Pius, singled out in similar fashion as the sole person who could have prevented or lessened its terrors.”


I heard a 13 year-old say that very thing just a week or so ago.


Again, the slightest amount of scholarship will refute thes spurious allegation. Anyone who does a little scholarship and reads something of what the Jewish people who lived through this period have to say; such as Albert Einstein, Golda Mier (prime minister of Israel) and Israele Anton Zolli, the Chief Rabbi of Rome during the German occupation.


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