Pope Pius XII

Does anyone know any reliable sources on Pope Pius XII?

I am, among other things, a student of WWII history, especially relating to the Nazis. My undergraduate thesis was on the rise of neo-Nazism in modern Europe…but I digress. Anyway, given my interest in the time period, I was surfing on the Internet and found this (warning: some of the descriptions are graphic):


It was originally published in the Jerusalem Post, it seems. Now, I have heard of Pope Pius XII being labeled “Hitler’s Pope,” but I had yet to read some of these things.

So, other sources?

The best single source I know for information about Pope Pius XII is The Catholic League:


and especially:


Also, get their newsletter, The Catalyst, and in the back they advertise some books about Pope Pius XII

Go here and scroll down:


And also go here, and scroll down toward the bottom:


Look over the whole Web site of www.mindszenty.org because they have done a LOT of work on Pope Piux XII over the years.

The article you linked to was so confusing I found it impossible to follow. Names and tidbits of information were thrown in and stirred around like a fruit salad. There might be something there but I don’t think you can use that article as anything but a starting point to investigate some of the tidbits and see if any of it holds together.

If you can read French, German and Italian, there are apparently a plethera of Church documents available on www.Vatican.va.

Someone on the forums who reads french was posting brief summaries from his readings on a thread in this forum.


I wrote an article for my blog about this and perhaps it will help you a bit.

Someone Has Lied to You About Our Pope Pius XII

I’m still working on it, but I have very little time these days.


I’ve reached book IV of the archives, which focuses on the broader European front.

RHC, I would welcome your comments on my translations. I have been reading Churchill’s World War II. I’m up to the Grand Alliance right now, but I haven’t done much more research into WWII appart from that. Your perspective would be appreciated.

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There is a tone of information in books IV and V on Croatia. When I go through it, I’ll check my facts with the article.

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Here is one wonderful book on the subject:

The Myth of Hitler’s Pope by Rabbi David G. Dalin

Note, this book is written by a Jewish rabbi, not a Catholic.

I have been reading your translations with interest. They are indeed indicative of what many scholars have suggested - Pope Pius XII walked a very thin line between speaking the truth and endangering millions of faithful in the Axis-occupied countries.

I will read the remainder of your thread later, as work calls. :slight_smile:

My last post was on the subject of Croatia. The article you posted seems to missrepresent the facts, jumping to some unwarrente conclusions about the complicity of Vatican in the affairs in Croatia, and most likely doing the same thing with Cardinal Stepanic.

I did find in book V some later correspondance between the Yugoslave ambassador and the Holy see on the subject of mass orthodox conversions, but this was only in 1942. The Yugoslave ambassador was speculating, and rightly so, that these conversions could not be real since there were so many happening at the same time, and there was never any pre-war hint of such an mass movement.

The Vatican took this issue seriously, and reiterated the traditional Catholic teaching that no forced conversion was valid.

From reading all this correspondance, I’m left with the impression that the Vatican operates only at a very high level, with regard to cardinals, councils of bishops, and diplomates. It is very likely that they knew nothing about what was really going on in Croatia.

This may also be the case with Stepanic as well. There are a few letters from Stepanic in book V that I will eventually get to.

I don’t really know enough about Croatia to venture an informed decision though, only my impressions from what the archives say.

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This author has many excellent books about Pope Pius XII


This book has many useful insights:


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