Pope Pius XIII ????


Someone showed this to me the other day, in humor of course.

click on this link: truecatholic.org/pope/

I didn’t know there was a Pope Pius XIII :eek: and wait, his offices are in Washington state !!! LOL!!! :eek: :eek:

Look around and read some of the pages…Unreal !!!

Had any of you heard of this before ???

Technically, of course, there isn’t. And there never has been.

I don’t know if it’s that funny…kind of sad, honestly.

Yes. Just stay very far away.

Wasn’t that the name of the Pope who was the assassination target in “Foul Play”?

Of course there’s never been…you didn’t actually take this with any sort of seriousness did you ???

No, not really. Just making sure, though.
It’s also just a clarification for anyone else who might be confused reading this thread.
In hindsight, it might have been clearer if you titled it “Pope” Pius XIII ??? or something like that…just for the sake of crystal clarity, if nothing else. But you’re good. Carry on. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard of other sects that claim they are the last remnant of the church, etc.

I’ve never seen one who claimed to be the pope like this one

Knight for Christ,

I regret to inform you that there is at least one other, “Pope Michael” of the “Vatican in Exile.”

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The “Pope” that isn’t even a Priest, that can’t (and reportedly doesn’t) perform mass… it’s laughable by any standard.

Even sedavacantists have more sense.

Wow!!! You are correct!!!

I just looked him up and see his address for contact is in Kansas !!

Amazing, they (pope claimants) are all in the United States !!!

There have actually been over a dozen antipopes in recent history. What unites most of them is the belief that all the popes since Pius XII (or in some cases John XXIII or Pius XI) have been heretics, and have thus lost the papal throne.

Be wary of their material. They have a tendency to take the statements of John Paul II and Benedict XVI out of context and to confuse papal infallibility (the inability to teach error) with impeccability (the inability to sin or make mistakes).

The so-called “Pope” Pius XIII is really Father Lucien Pulvermacher, and he must be like 110 years old by now.
He is the brother of the late Father Carl Pulvermacher, who joined the SSPX (I believe) and I heard that Father Carl was quite embarassed about his brother’s Papal claims.

One of the funniest links on Pope Pius XIII’s website
is the link to “WORLD REACTION” to his election in 1998.
How can the “world” “react” if practically nobody in the whole world has ever heard of this man ???

Jaypeeto4 (aka Jaypeeto3)

I think there is another “Pope”. If I remember correctly, there was a splinter group in Palmar De Troya, Spain.

A son of a friend of mine got sucked into that group and went off to their “seminary”. In 6 months he was a priest; at 12 months a Bishop; and after being there 2 years was a Cardinal.

The lad came home in disallusionment at 3 years. He hasn’t been the same since. His health is shot and he is barely getting along.

The “pope” in Palmar de Troya called himself Gregory XVII. He died in 2005.

Here’s a website devoted to him:

His successor is Peter II and here’s an article about him:


Haha, yes, I’ve seen this before. Typical Sedevacantist nonsense.

I think Pope Pius XIII is a joke.

His main point is that Pope John XXIII was a Mason, which he ‘can prove’, but doesn’t. Sound similar to the tales of Archbishop Bugnini?
Otherwise traditional nonsense.

This “pope” is in hiding?

The following is from their website:

As the Vatican is now under the control of the non-Catholic Vatican II sect, Pope Pius XIII will maintain residence at an as-yet undisclosed location.

I guess if everyone is out to get you, being paranoid is just clear thinking.

Don’t be naive. It *obvious *the Vatican considers him such a threat they’ll send the Jesuits (or now maybe Opus Dei) after him. :smiley:

His election itself was a joke. Caliming papal privelege, he consecrated one of his friends a bishop and then was himself consecrated a bishop by that friend.

And while his site is adept at pointing out heresies, he fails to mention that he has been involved wiht, and defended, divinination and other spurious practises.

Dont forget Pope Michael! He was elected by six people, three of whom were family, including his parents, in the storage room of a shop. His election is this May- anyone else going? :stuck_out_tongue:

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