Pope Pius XIII?


Ever go web surfing and come across a web site that you do not know if it is to be taken seriously, or is just an elaborate hoax? And if it is serious, what is the evaluation? To laugh? Cry?

In this case, I just shook my head in sad disbelief. I do hope it really is some sort of elaborate hoax.:coffeeread:



I have seen this before, and posted about it (sorry, I don’t know the thread.) It is very sad. From what I can tell, they don’t like anything that has to do with Vatican II. One part of Vatican II was to have the laity participate in more works of charity and evangelization. Take Catholic Answers, this is a lay organization that spreads the Word of God. Did you know that people used to say a rosary during Mass? While saying a rosary is a good thing, we should be participating in Mass, which is something the Vatican II addresses.

What we should do is pray for this and all the other groups that have fallen away from the Catholic Church to return. Pray the Morning Offering every, well, morning.


The best description of this one that I’ve ever seen went as follows:

There is not enough substance to this one to consider that we are dealing with an “Anti-Pope.” What we have here is a pseudo-pope.




Somewhere on catholic.com there is a letter from the “pope” I believe, I remember it gave me quite a chuckle.


A quick GOOGLE found this


This whole thing is so pathetic. One wonders how such self-delusion can come about:(


if you think he is delusional, check out this lol!



I have read something similar from a catholic website before, something to deal with the difference btw VI and VII. I guess there are Catholics who unable to accept some of the difference btw VI and VII (i don’t know what) but i was shocked either when i look at the difference btw the two council and cannot believe what i read. I remembered there one point which say that catholic are not allow to pray with non-catholic:o . After reading that i just shaked my head and said, God what kind of Christianity is this?? Sad and tragic


It would be nice if this was an elaborate hoax…unfortunately, it is not.

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