Pope Plans to Travel to the Italian Island of Sardinia

May 15, 2013. (Romereports.com)During Wednesday’s general audience, Pope Francis announced he plans to travel to the Italian island of Sardinia in September.

He will specifically visit Cagliari, which is the island’s capital, to pray before the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Bonaria. The Pope then reflected on the historical ties between his native city of Buenos Aires and Sardinia.

A translation of that connection from another Rome Reports clip.

*“When the city of Buenos Aires was founded, the founder wanted to name the city the Holy Trinity, but the sailors who had took him there were Sardinian and they wanted the city to be named ‘Our Lady of Bonaria.’ They had their differences, but in the end they compromised. The name of the city was too long, it was 'The City of the Holy Trinity and the Port of Our Lady of Bon Aira.” So because the name was too long, it was just the last two words that stuck. ‘Bon Aira’ meaning Buenos Aires. But the root of the name honors our Lady." *

Cheers from joyful, young Priests. :smiley:


The Sardinian priests were hilarious. Pope Francis is quite the rock star among younger priests and seminarians. I saw a few videos of him getting mobbed by them. Ideally, they take his teachings to heart.

God gives us the Pope we need in our lifetime. A former Novice Master with joyful, young priests and seminarians…what a boost to our prayers for vocations!!!

A shout of “Bravo!” was heard when the Holy Father was giving his catechesis on the Holy Spirit at that particular General Audience, I suspect it came from the same group of priests. :smiley:

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