Pope praying towards mecca


It has been reported widely on traditionalist websites that Pope Benedict prayed with a Islamic Imam towards Mecca once. I am not saying this happened for sure, but I wonder since it has been spoken of so often. My question is if this was a sinful thing. If the Pope had just said “let’s both pray together to the best we can with our consciences” it would have been fine. But turning to Mecca seems like a big problem. What do you think?

I doubt it was Benedict. He had harsh words for Islam. But if he did maybe he wasn’t even aware he was facing Mecca.

OP, avoid anti-Catholic websites and their nonsense.

I have my doubts about such claims

but even if he did, so what?

our prayers to god are not affected by which direction we face. that implies superstition

Ad orientum means just that…facing east…And from Rome, Jerusalem is east as well!

Well, our Masses are supposed to be offered toward the East too, so… :shrug:

So what if the Pope did? is God not in Mecca too? And should people take out a map and compass to make sure they aren’t praying towards Mecca?

This was covered on CAF ad nauseum in 2011. Here’s a pertinent post on the subject:


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