Pope: Pre-Mass Time Is Meant for Silent Prayer, Not Chitchat. (An article reporting what he said.)

see http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pope-pre-mass-time-is-meant-for-silent-prayer-not-chitchat

The time before mass, the Pope stressed, is a time for silent prayer, when we prepare our hearts for an encounter with the Lord.


:pray: Amen

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I’m waiting for the chorus of “Right on, Pope!” from everyone who has complained about “church chatters” on here.

I’m still waiting…



I’m squinting at the choir singing a needless warmup hymn. And I’ll sing your chorus Bear!


Surely if one wished to chat before Mass, then quietly chatting down the back of the Church or better yet, outside would be considerate of those who do wish to pray before Mass - after all it is still a house of prayer or at least it is supposed to be.


I thought it was supposed to be a house of prayer too, but it seems fellowship and community has been emphasised more than reverence inside our Churches. A non Catholic family member who attended Mass a few times many years ago and then years later attended a Mass asked me “What happened?” She isn’t even Catholic but took notice that the reverence was gone. She was impressed by the reverence in the past but shocked by the lack of in the present.

How about put the Tabernacles back to front and center to start with, then properly Catechise the people.


I don’t disagree, but if there are two 80 year olds chatting in the last pew of the church, I just can’t get myself worked up over it. I block it out and get on with my prayer.


I’ve always thought talking inside the church was to be kept to an absolute minimum when necessary, so as to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and not disturb those trying to pray.

Right on Pope!

Huh? What does pachamamamamama have to do with not talking in church?

Well said, Pope Francis.

I’m not sure if I have complained about that on here, but, “Right on, Pope!”


“Prayer is, “first and foremost dialogue, a personal relationship with God,” he said. And in prayer, just like in any dialogue, it needs moments of silence “together with Jesus.” This, he said, is because it is only in the “mysterious silence of God” that his word can resound in our hearts.”

Well said Pope Francis!


Welcome back !

I guess I am lucky. My parish is not too chatty.

I will continue to be quiet and teach my children to be quiet before Mass.


If I want to pray a rosary before Mass, I’d have more luck doing so in my car. I’d say something’s gone off the rails when that’s a reality.


You know, I wasn’t even thinking of Pachamana until it was brought it up in this thread. I was pretty happy with the Pope’s comments until I was reminded of that.

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Well, the Pope is right. I know of a couple parishes that would do well to consider his words on this…


At my church the other day these ladies were whispering so loud and disrupting my prayer. I tried to ignore it. I don’t see myself confronting in any way. I wonder how others deal with it.

If someone is loud in Church, I wouldn’t like to confront them about this. I would move–if this would help. Or if not, offer it up to Jesus?
I recall sometimes going to a neighboring parish, where a number of people would loudly talk before mass. And not just once. I was annoyed, but didn’t see what to do.
When I come early before mass, I like to pray. But instead, these people, providing a distraction, made themselves the center of the church.

Pope Francis focuses on the important little things that made us Catholic in the old days. May his simple wisdom groom a new generation to be humbly reverent. :heart:


No chasing them out with a whip then? (Wouldn’t go over well, but might make the point)
I’ve had the same feeling when parents allow their children to make noise and not use the cry-room during mass. I am concentrating on what is going on in the mass, they allow their children to be the centerpiece. Very selfish, and disrespectful to all.
Dominus vobiscum.


I love our Holy Father and completely agree. Sometimes, when I come to Church it is so loud and people are talking across the pews. It is very difficult to pray or just meditate in silence. Once, I was doing Penance after Confession and a person stood right next to when while I was kneeling and was talking to their friend on the other side of the pew. It madd me very uncomftorable and I couldn’t concentrate.

God bless

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