Pope presses anti-aids chastity strategy in africa

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis has praised church workers in Africa who promote chastity as a key way to prevent the spread of HIV.

Francis was speaking Monday at the Vatican to bishops from Tanzania.

Many non-Catholic health care workers advocate condoms as an important weapon to fight the spread of the HIV virus that causes AIDS. The Vatican opposes condom use because church teaching forbids contraception.


Some Catholic ones advocate condoms and other Population Control measures too. It’s a shame. I’m glad the Holy Father praised the faithful ones. Liberals sit up and take notice: The Pope has a consistent life ethic.

Great:thumbsup: have you noticed how slowly but with great precision the Pope has been expressing and confirming Church teaching?


Though AIDS has been a big problem in Africa, it seems to me the Continent population wise is growing fairly well. It just makes one ponder a little, thinking in regard to the birth rates in the West.

Nigeria for all of their problems has 174 million people.

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