Pope receives British Bishops


In a an article in the recent Commonweal, I was distressed to find that the open arms policy of our blessed church has reached a point where people can apparently say they are catholic ( i can’t bring myself to capitalize the word in this context) and still attend worship in their own faith tradition. I I don’t get it. I was Episcopalian, and when I wanted to be Catholic: I inquired, my baptism was accepted, and I made a commitment to the Catholic Church after an RCIA experience. I was confirmed and turned to the local parish for my worship and my affiliation.
Did I misunderstand the article, “A New Ecumenism by Russel Murray?” I believe I am quoting from paragraph seven:
While today the resultant Eastern Catholic churches are related to the Holy See through various canonical formulas, they are generally characterized by the fact that their faithful live their communion with the Catholic Church in their own parishes, served by their own hierarchy, and in accordance with their own proper liturgical, spiritual, and pastoral traditions. That is precisely what the Holy See is offering Anglicans who desire full communion with the Catholic Church.
I have always appreciated the Catholic Church’s ability to accept the best of its converts’ faith traditions from their previous affiliations, i. e. Christmas trees, Easter eggs and other perhaps more serious considerations, but to say I am a Catholic and continue to make the profession of faith in another church, is disturbing to me. I don’t profess to understand the whole issue, but I want to say that I believe it is watering down and diluting the standards of what it means to profess the Catholic faith, that is making people less interested in religion, not being true to what Jesus told us in the Gospel, and required of those who would claim to follow him.

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