Pope repeats Christ's caution against false messiahs [CWN]

Christians must not be “deceived by false messiahs” or fearful about the end of the world, Pope Francis told his midday audience on Sunday, November 17. Citing the day’s Gospel, in …


I am sooooooo tired of hearing about how the world is going to end.

I think this is a pertinent message that we need to hear, and the timing couldn’t be better.

:thumbsup: I totally agree!

I can understand him telling people not to be worried about it, but curious if, or anyone else from the church has tried to explain why in our current times, do so many of the biblical ‘warning signs’ line up so perfectly with whats going on in the world? No other time in history have nearly all the biblical signs occurring or have occurred recently, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head that has not happend yet, is the rebuilding of Solomons temple on the temple mount.

I believe the church should really address this and explain why nearly all these warning signs we were told to watch for, are, or have already happened, that is pretty important imo!

This world will come to an end. We profess this at every Mass in the Creed when we say, “He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end.” Not being worried about when the end of the world happens isn’t the same as denying the fact that it will come sooner or later. What I got from what the Pope said is that we shouldn’t believe those who claim to know specifically when Christ will return. And we shouldn’t be worried by the secular doomsday predictions of natural disasters which present the end of the world as a time of no hope for anyone. We shouldn’t be worried about it because the end of this world will mean a new beginning for those who stay close to Christ.

Very wise words:thumbsup: Thanks.

This is a strange comment the more I think about it, why would the pope be saying such things? I cannot ever think of a time when there has been a documented false messiah…it does say in the bible, there will be many false prophets, that do great signs and wonders to prove they are something more than just another person making wild claims, but again, I cannot think of ANY false prophet.

If there had been one, and he did all kinds of great signs and wonders right out in public for all to see, I imagine this would be all over the news and people would be talking about it for years and years, but looking back thru history, I cant think of any instance when something or someone like this ever occurred…anywhere.

A false prophet is not just someone claiming they are God or divine in nature, they must also have some supernatural powers, in that they could deceive people, think about it, if in todays world, someone showed up in times square and was able to float and fly by themselves, or did other great signs and wonders for all to see…this would be breaking news all over the country, and I imagine most people would believe this person is some kind of true prophet or supernatural, he would have most people believing anything he said, but again, I can not think of anything like this that has EVER happened in history, so where are all the false prophets we are being warned about?

Messiah comes from the Hebrew word for Anointed One, Mashiach.
Christ comes from the Greek translation of Anointed One, Christos.

Pope Francis obviously believes that it is possible that false messiahs will come deceive people. Jesus Christ also warns against false messiahs.

Matthew 24:24 For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

Amen to that. The worst disease affecting Catholics these days, next to “liberalism”, is Left Behind Syndrome, which I will submit to DSM-6 as and when it comes out.

Clinical features include:

  1. a disingenuous insistence that they are not simply copying Hal Lindsey or Tim LaHaye
  2. a tendency towards private interpretations of Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium and private apparitions, particularly those involving the books of Daniel and Revelation
  3. a recurrent obsession with Medugorje
  4. an intense preoccupation with authoritarian rulers, and with seeing a literal earthly “Kingdom of God” established by force and war
  5. hinting, without saying outright, that one or more of the Popes is under demonic influence
  6. a perseverative use of words such as “Illumination”, “Chastisement” and “Tribulation”
  7. a ready set of excuses when their private prophecies go wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

Treatment is difficult, as most affected patients refuse to consider Preterist Therapy or Authentic Church Teaching due to their lack of insight. :smiley:

You could say Buddha, but he never proclaimed himself to be a “messiah,” though you could say he was a false prophet in a way. Muhammad probably could be considered a false messiah. Many in Japan (pre-WW2) and North Korea believe[d] that their leaders were divinely originated and thus their former (in the case of both) and present (in the case of North Korea) leaders could be considered false prophets in a way as well. You don’t have to have supernatural powers to deceive; in fact, I highly doubt God would allow any human to express ANY supernatural powers for a purpose other than following Him and His one Church.

God will allow this to happen, as it all MUST happen to usher in the new heaven on earth, however this false messiahs power (antichrist), will actually come from Satan

To show great signs and wonders, that would fool even the elect…IMO, would have to be something supernatural, how else would this false messiah fool everyone, that could also be considered great signs and wonders? especially in todays world? It would have to be something pretty remarkable and that no one else would be able to do. This false messiah must be able to prove to the people that he is something MORE than a regular human, or else no one would believe him, but if everyone saw him calling down lighting from the sky on command, or moving things around with his mind, etc. 99% of people would be bowing down to this person, and most will think he is the true God.

All the way from Simon the magician, mohamed to David Koresh, Charles Manson, Jim Jones even to jimmy swagart, history is plagued by false Messiahs. The fact that they don’t appear to you as Messiah is not what determines whether there have been false Messiahs. You seem to look at it from the point that there only have been people making false claim and haven’t done anything besides that. Why don’t you go and try to tell your neighbors to shot themselves on the head on x day just because you say so and see where you are going to end ( probably with police arresting you).

The fact that you have people that are capable to convince masses of people to do unthinkable things from murdering themselves their kids to others (the moon sect, heaven’s gate, the Guyana sect where like 400 people jump off a cliff) is evidence that they do way more than false claim. They may not levitate but sincerely do you think that levitanting is more difficult than convincing 400 people to commit mass murder at the same time? Geez David cooperfield can show himself levitating and I don’t think he can convince anyone to kill their own kids. So I think you are misunderstanding the concept and underestimating the power these false prophets have on people. Even that guy that predicted the rapture incorrectly, he made more money after giving two false predictions because people after he failed inundated him with donations! The man is a millionare right now! Do you think that you can become a millionare in less than a week just by making two false claims? A false prophet is someone who claims him/herself as messiah who is capable to manipulate tons of people and who can make tons to do exactly what that person claims. The world is filled with false Prophets.

Sincerely, becoming…in today’s world…a millionare in about three days just by showing up on TV talking non sense after your wrong prediction didn’t happen, is quite supernatural to me. Just try to do the same and see how far you can get.

A false messiah wouldn’t fool everybody, considering that if everybody were to be fooled by a false messiah, there would be nobody left following God, which would never happen. As Mary eloquently posted above, you do not have to have supernatural powers to fool people into committing egregriously sinful acts or rejecting God.

Over the last 2000 years people have always seen the signs of the end of days and/or return of Jesus. When it happens it will happen and we don’t need to worry about it. Just live your life according to Christ and whether it happens in our lifetime or not will not make a difference.

However, The stories about the apocalypse sure do make authors of books, movie producers and televangelists like very wealthy.

Do you know that the Book of Revelation was hotly contested by the early church?

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