Pope rips 'hypocrisy' of Christians who reject refugees, says proselytism is 'venom' [CC]


Pope Francis assailed Christians who oppose the acceptance of refugees, and those who seek to convince others of the truth of their faith, in remarks to a visiting German group on October 13.



I don’t think we should reject them, just that more Christians should be freed. That means making refugee camps SAFE for them.

I’m hoping he means proselytism as unworthily spreading the faith, and not plain evangelism. I also hope he does not mean that we can hold different opinions than him on prudential matters. I don’t think we should reject them, just that more Christians should be freed. That means making refugee camps SAFE for them. We also need to make sure we have good screening. Does that make me a hypocrite?(I already am, but in this way as well?)


“It’s not right to convince someone of your faith,” the Pope said. “Proselytism is the strongest venom against the path of ecumenism.”

What an… interesting quote. I know that Pope Francis had condemned proselytism in the past, but I had always assumed he was condemning aggressive or coercive attempts to bring people to Jesus. This seems like he’s outright condemning the practice of evangelism.


When did proselytism become a dirty word? Why is evangelisation (which the Pope apparently wants to encourage) good and proselytism venom?

As for ecumenism can we just junk the whole idea, it has become meaning less.


The context and essence of the comments is that he’s speaking to a mostly Lutheran audience, and he’s pointing out that constantly arguing doctrine with other Christians does more to separate than it does to unite. But beyond the very real disagreements, there is also much that unites, beginning with Baptism. And that should be the focus, not consistently engaging in debates and arguments that do nothing but cause more and more splintering.

[quote=The Holy Father] “The Apostle Paul tells us that, by virtue of our baptism, we all form the one Body of Christ,” the pope said.

“The different members, in fact, are one body. This is why we belong to each other and when one suffers, all suffer, when one rejoices, all rejoice. Let us continue with confidence on our ecumenical journey, because we know that, beyond the many open questions that still separate us, we are already united. What unites us is much more than what divides us”.


By the way, you can find the actual prepared text here: news.va/en/news/pope-francis-to-lutheran-pilgrims-seek-unity-throu.

Note the closing paragraph:

Dear young people, I encourage you to be witnesses of mercy. While theologians carry on the dialogue in the doctrinal field, keep looking insistently for opportunities to encounter each other, to know each other better, to pray together and offer help to each other and to all those who are in need. Thus, free from prejudice and trusting only the Gospel of Jesus Christ, announcing peace and reconciliation, you will be the real protagonists of a new season of this journey, which, with God’s help, will lead to full communion. I assure you of my prayers – and you, please pray for me, for I need your prayers so much. Thank you!


Headline about a story in the UK Daily Mail today.: “Asylum seeker has his lips, ears and eyelids ripped off by another migrant before being stabbed in both eyes in horrific attack at German refugee center.”

I wish the Holy Father wouldn’t be so judgmental on those of us who see a real danger to our way of life and others because of the untold numbers of Muslim refugees that the western nations are letting into their countries. Even some of our clergy (Cardinals) see the danger, why doesn’t the Pope? We have had numerous attacks by some of those same refugees on us and as the story above illustrates they even attack each other.

We can show our compassion by doing other things like making safe areas in their home countries and providing them with aid. We could also use military means to crush those who are the root of all these current problems.


I fail to see what is hypocritical of Christians who are concerned about violent Muslim refugees.


Contrast isolated incidents like reported in your post with the numerous success stories of refugee welcoming and integration. It makes no sense to always concentrate on the negative things, which often are the exceptions. That is what Trump does, and it is un-Christian. As is fear mongering.


The Daily Mail, as usual doing it’s bit to keep yellow peril style reporting alive and well.


Something to do with Jesus, Who would accept them (or so the hypothesis alleges; Jesus was never a citizen of a modern nation-state facing refugee influx). Apparently, many Christians have suddenly turned into hypocrites with the release of this statement. :shrug:


How would the man who had his eyelids torn off feel. Is the killing of a few Americans supposed to be ok? Just part of the process of opening our borders to immigrants who may or may not kill some of us. Would you open the door of your home to any random stranger? I wouldn’t. I would offer help but my family’s safety comes first.




Success stories like what, the no-go areas of France, Germany, or Belgium? Or perhaps those who committed the recent attacks in Europe who came direct from Syria as refugees? And there is not much assimilation going on either. Look, these are not poor Irish Catholic refugees made up of people who intend us no harm. What we have now is something completely different and I fail to comprehend that you cannot see the danger inherent in bringing them all in. Obama has basically brought into America exclusively Muslim refugees, while leaving the persecuted Syrian Christians out in the cold. Why do you think that is? Such a thing makes no sense, unless there is some ulterior motives involved. Oh that’s right, his goal is to “fundamentally change” America.

And while I am at it, all these placing of refugees here in America is being done secretly without letting the local officials know what is happening. What right does anyone have to do this, to foist upon a local community people whom they might not want brought into their town? The government is working hand in hand with the USCCB, Catholic Charities, and other organizations in secret and this is happening all over America.

Funny how Obama & Co. aren’t bringing these folks into the real nice areas of America where they live. Do you think that there will be any refugees living next to Obama when he leaves the White House? Not on your life!






Then everybody would be whining “why couldn’t they find a cheaper place for these people?”.
I often ask myself how would i survive as a refugee.



It is unjust to encourage more and more Muslim people into our societies while dictating to fearful fellow citizens that they are bad people unless they not only agree with it all but with their children, they must be the ones to finance it.

What happens in 10 years when Nigeria erupts, then 10 years after that Pakistan, then 10 years after that etc … ad infintum.

Continually taking foreigners into western countries is not a solution. 30 years ago should we have opened the doors to 15 million hungry Ethiopians? Every time their is upheaval in the world people will now start heading for Western welfare countries.

This is disastrous and has the potential to destroy the feasibility of western civilization. It is unjust that people would force fellow citizens to pay for their own misjudgements because they believe their morals should be paid for by other people.


Note the Holy Father said “all refugees.” When I read his words yesterday, I read this as referring to the people who oppose the concept of taking in refugees, period. Certainly, no country has to unilaterally take in every refugee ever, at least until such time as there are still other countries that can help (though if they chose too, they could of course). Similarly, the Church has never said any one person has to exhaust their entire savings in an effort to help the poor, when there are others who can aid in this effort. Again, if a person chooses to give away all their possessions to do, they certainly can. We are left to prudentially decide how we are best able to help those in need while caring for our individual families, the same way a country is left to prudentially decide how they are best able to help those in need while caring for their sovereign citizens.

However, if a person opposes the concept of helping the poor unilaterally, or a country opposes the concept of taking in refugees unilaterally, we have a problem. This is in keeping with every Christian message we have. I am called to clothe the naked, which is not the same as I myself solely have to go out an give clothing to every naked person on the planet. Certainly I can, but that is why we are all called as we are - collectively, we should all be able to.

If a country says “refugees are not my problem,” that is wrong, in the same way it is wrong for each of us to say “the poor are not my problem.”


You might want to have a look at the tone or reports concerning Irish immigrants when people from my country did arrive there in large numbers in the US. There was lots of talk about ‘Papists’, riots and concerns that these uncivilised Irish chaps would destabilise and destroy American society. Much of it sounds curiously similar to right now.

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