Pope’s critique of ‘gender theory’ emboldens bishops to speak out


Recent developments in Colombia, Mexico and Spain suggest that Pope Francis’ blistering attacks on “gender theory,” the idea that people ought to be free to choose their own gender, is emboldening Catholic bishops around the world to speak out themselves.



I am heartened to hear the pope speak out against the dangers of gender theory.


Me, too! :D:thumbsup::yup::clapping::bounce:


Yeah, Mexico’s President, Peña Nieto, is trying to make gay marriage here national. We, as a people, don’t want this, but he keeps at it.


People who reject their biological gender need therapy, not surgery, to treat their illness. The very idea that a person can change their gender on a whim flies in the face of both reason and logic.


Oh Brother. I mean sister. Oh, I don’t know what I mean. It’s a crime to confuse the children. IMHO


Could “they” be promoting this at the U.N.??? I just wonder…
Something the pope said…


If only there was surgery that worked


I’m sorry that Mexico is dealing with this issue. It is driven by the very, very rich who put pressure on countries to pass permissive sexual laws. Ireland is fighting abortion, which is also being pushed from the outside.

I visited Mexico when my aunt lived in Mexico City and I got a chance to see real Mexico (not Tijuana). It was a wondrous and beautiful place. I especially remember the food and the friendliness. It pains me to hear politicians say nasty things about Mexico and Mexican people. My uncle is from there and my cousins feel picked on when this comes up. The ignorance of politicians never ceases to amaze and disgust me. What is that Jesus says about loving your neighbor? Let’s see, for the US that would be Canada and Mexico. :slight_smile:


It is actually supposed to be “therapy” not “surgery”

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