Pope’s new movie premiers Friday


Pope Francis’ new movie is due to begin showing at movie theaters Friday.
I forget the title of the movie, but I did see a story about the movie on CBS’ 60 Minutes program last Sunday.
I plan to see the movie. Ho about you, my brothers and sisters, on the CAF message board? Do you plan to see the movie?


“Pope Francis: A Man of His Word”.

I saw a preview for it when I saw “Paul: Apostle of Christ”. I’ll be going next Tuesday because our movies are half price here then. I can’t wait to see it!


I want to see Paul: Apostle of Christ. The previews looked wonderful!


It was amazing. Be ready with the Kleenex at the end. If the ending doesn’t get you nothing will.


Thanks for the heads up. It does not take much to touch my heart.


I’ll say this: it’ll get you but it is PERFECT. It’s likely the most appropriate ending I’ve ever seen. I sat there with my hand over my mouth and tears in my eyes. No drama.


I look forward to seeing both movies.
I am a fan of Jim Caviezel. I believe he plays the role of Saint Luke in the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ.


The movie doesn’t premiere in my area



Wim Wenders is a legendary film director – I do believe some of his films are on the Vatican’s film list (like “Wings of Desire”). He’s one of the giants of German cinema – really hope I can see the movie in theaters. I may be NY & LA only for now, IIRC.


I look forward to seeing how Wenders captures the Pope in his film.


I reckon I’ll throw down some dollars to see it in the theater and support the Pope.

Is the Vatican getting a cut of the profits?


Hopefully! :pray::angel::sweat_smile:


I’ll wait til it comes to DVD like I do everything else.


I very much enjoyed seeing the film! There were a few scenes in black and white which portrayed St. Francis of Assisi. I wonder if those were from some old movie, or made just for this film?


I have not had a chance to see the movie, but my plans are to see it as soon as possible. :pray:


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