Pope´s sister hospitalized

Elena Bergoglio, the Pope´s sister has been hospitalized due to a hypertensive crisis last saturday. Apparently, she is doing well and her life is not at risk.


Prayers for recovery of Pope’s sister said.

Prayers for Elena.

As someone who suffers from hypertension myself … an extra Hail Mary for her.

I also have a sibling (one of my sisters) who is SO good it can make me feel depressed when I consider myself by comparison. I know. We should not do that - except to inspire ourselves - never as sibling rivalry, envy or as a secret rooting that “good sib” would stumble once in awhile. :eek:

In my flapdoodle way of thinking funny … I mused to myself …

“When your brother is the POPE … can you ever consider yourself the “good kid” in the family?”

Get well Elena. Stay well Francis!

Hehe, That made me chuckle. Thx.

Prayers offered for Elena.

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