Pope sacks Paraguay bishop who promoted alleged paedophile priest


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Just another sign that Francis is the right man for the job.

So much trust could have been preserved if this approach had been pursued decades ago.

So true.

My new prayer is that this good man lives to be a healthy, vibrant 105.

This is my prayer also…Our dear church has been through the wringer regarding this issue and there has been way too much burying of heads in the sand and hoping it would go away instead of pro-actively addressing the issue and dealing with it head on and forthrightly. It makes me so sad to hear some people’s opinions of our church as a result of these scandals and how so many sad, searching souls will not turn to her now because of it.

I’m a little unclear in this story. What does “sacked” a Bishop mean? Was this priest an offender under civil or church law? Or just homosexual. I don’t know how the church feels about someone having a “sexual attraction” to children and someone committing a criminal and terrible act. Homosexuals are supposed to be welcome in the church. Homosexual activity no. I’m just confused to facts. :frowning:

He was attracted to minors. Please read the article.

I heard he was already talking about retiring when he turns 80. True?


I find no story of a priest. All I see are articles on potato chips and Jesus’ face.



from the article

According to US media reports, that assessment concluded that the priest was “locked into” a sexual attraction to male minors, that he should be banned from the ministry, and that he should have no contact with young people.

Paraguayan bishop removed because of difficult relations with other Bishops

Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, was removed from office because of his “difficult” relations with other bishops and priests, and not because he appointed a priest accused of sexual abuse as his vicar general, according to the director of the Holy See Press Office.

“The important problem was the relations within the episcopacy and in the local church, which were very difficult,” said Father Federico Lombardi, according to a New York Times report.

Concerns about the former vicar general, Father Carlos Urrutigoity, were “not central, albeit have been debated,” added Father Lombardi.


Hard to believe it took this long. Now, shouldn’t Cardinal Mahoney be taken to task, and lose his retirement benefits for his role in the child molestation events. When will the Catholic Church become a moral organization? What does it take?

Yes Mahoney should be taken to task and he will the same day that Cardinal Law will as well.

Let’s not assume

Vatican says sex abuse not why he was removed

VATICAN CITY (CNS) – The Vatican denied Pope Francis had dismissed a controversial Paraguayan bishop because of his mishandling of sex abuse accusations, attributing the decision instead to other failings of governance and friction with fellow bishops.


The language from the Vatican in interesting. Here in Kansas City our bishop is under investigation to see if he is “fit for leadership”. He was convicted in the state of MIssouri for failing to report a suspected abuser ( a priest who is now serving 50 year sentence for child porn/attempted production of child porn).

So if he is ultimatley removed is it because he covered for a know abuser or just “unfit to lead”? Sounds like a word game to me.


I hope this is a sign of crackdown on rape shielding and not a crackdown on liturgical sensibilities. After all, it is 100% absolutely verifiable that jillions (figurative, nobody get mad) of other bishops shielded similar and worse priests.


When those of a more traditional orientation do something wrong, it seems to be very easy to crack down on them. I can think of some other well known examples (as I’m sure you can as well). When those of a more liberal bent do something wrong, infinite patience seems to be shown. I hope my observations aren’t accurate across the board - but its what I’ve seen.

This is very important: read the relevant press release here:

They took great pains to stress that the bishop was not removed from episcopal office because of his sheltering of a notorious pedophile. He was removed because he couldn’t get along with other bishops.

Note that, as epan says, absolutely no retaliation has been made against Cardinal Mahoney, an open sore in the archdiocese of LA, where he continues to confer the Sacraments without impediment, and where he has apparently expressed not even a minimum of repentance or contrition, only excuse-making. And Cardinal Danneels has been aggressively promoted despite the same behavior (caught on tape no less!). So that would seem to reinforce what I said in the previous paragraph.

The logical conclusion is that Pope Francis is not going to clean up the filth in the Church. He wouldn’t even clean the filth out of Buenos Aires. The sooner you all get that idea out of your heads, the less scandalized you will be later on.

I don’t think so. The Abp. conducting the visitation on Bp. Finn has notoriously traditional liturgical sensibilities. It is, I suspect, rather a case that progressives with axes to grind who have found a welcome home in the present Pontificate have abused His Holiness’ good will to make mischief on their enemies.

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