Pope says Catholics, Lutherans must ask pardon for harming one another

[LEFT]Pope says Catholics, Lutherans must ask pardon for harming one another: [/LEFT]

I’ve never been harmed by a Lutheran. I’m pretty sure at least. I don’t think I’ve harmed a Lutheran either. If I did, I’m very sorry. :shrug:

You’re adorable

My cousin is a Lutheran. I’m going to call her and tell her I’m sorry. Just kidding, but what did we do to Lutherans? Sorry to show my ignorance…

Well, there was the Thirty Years War, for one thing. Lots of harm done to both by both. I expect that’s the sort of thing the Pope was talking about.

I wasn’t in that war. Am I supposed to apologize on behalf of someone else?

The animosity between traditionalist Catholics and evangelical Lutherans/protestants make no sense to me. Both groups support the same conservative social policies and complain non-stop about “Christianity in the West is coming to a close.” Shouldn’t they be allies? :rolleyes:

well lutherans cause schism and throughout history, not all catholics have responded charitably

What are you even talking about? Can you ever just post on the topic without taking a shot at actual Catholics, all the while rolling your eyes? Not to mention, the people who have angst with the more conservative Evangelicals are the regressive (dare I say, Liberal) Catholics who they disagree with on every major social issue. I may differ from them in my theological beliefs, but their morality is generally much closer to the truth than regressive Catholic beliefs.

Back to the topic, my bad, Martin Luther, my bad.

Pope Francis was speaking to Catholics (not “traditionalists”). If you aren’t one, then he wasn’t referring to you. Otherwise, he was talking to all of us. He was also speaking to Lutherans, but it is obvious from the other comments in this speech and other recent speeches that he was speaking to all Christians. Again, if you aren’t a Christian, he wasn’t referring to you.


I’m not sure the Pope had you, particularly, in mind. I took it that his purpose was greatly more general than that, and referred to current animosities that have ancient origins.

My Irish grandmother despised the English, though she was born here and never met an Englishman. The tradition was the source, not her personal experience.

Easy fix…we apologize for our harassment, Luv ya, mean it!
And the Lutherans can recognize the Pope as the Vicar of Christ, possessor of the Keys, and return to full communion with Rome.
Works for me.:slight_smile:

I really appreciate this fine tuning of the approach initiated by John Paul II.

Mutual reconciliation is much more in tune with the historical reality of the relationship between Catholics and others than the unilateral, unreciprocated apologies given by the Pope.

The exception would be the relationship between Catholics and Jews, where for the past 1700 years Catholics held all the power in the relationship. For the relationship between Catholic and Protestant though, Catholic and Orthodox, or Catholic and Muslim, the crimes and misdemeanors have been a two way street. Unilateral apologies from the Vatican therefore will not be effective, because they do not address the historical realities of opposing powers bashing their horns against each other.

Proper Catholic Christianity is doing just fine. Last I saw, the Church grew on all six major continents, including Europe.

Liberal Christianity and secularism is soon going to be in some serious trouble.

No, and I don’t advise doing that. That PC nonsense needs to stop.

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